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Amazing outdoor adventures in 31 days for every age

No matter how old you are, amazing outdoor adventures are a perfect way to spend your free time! Thus, we decided to make a list of 31 adventures in 31 days!

The 31 amazing outdoor adventures, no matter the age!

1. Horseback riding


Horseback riding is one of those entertaining outdoor activities for both young and old. For the youngest ones, there are ponies! However, you should be more or less physically healthy for this activity. In other words, you should not have serious back injuries or problems because horseback riding is all about balance, your back, and your muscles. But do not worry; it is not a complicated activity, especially when you have a professional guide! Take some classes and learn a new skill – horseback riding! Horseback riding is great as a spring outdoor activity!

2. Tandem Paragliding Flight


Paragliding tandem flight is, by many, the most adrenaline outdoor adventure. It may be true. But it is also one of the safest flying sports that exists! You will know what I am talking about as soon as you try it. It is a comfy chair where you sit, relax, and enjoy the views while the professional paragliding guide takes you like a bird in the sky! A tandem paragliding flight is one of the best outdoor adventures ever!

3. Waterfall hiking


I bet no person, not like waterfalls! We all love waterfalls – the calming sound of water falling and creating stunning scenery. Waterfalls are romantic. But also fun to see, even for little kids. If your partner loves nature as you do, grab your partner and go waterfall hiking along those magical paths! Beware that some waterfalls are not easy to find. Also, many are smaller or bigger depending on the season. For that reason, book your hiking guide and relax about it all!

4. Off-roading

Another adventurous outdoor activity – is off-roading. If you fancy real adventures, book an off-road trip and discover the most remote natural places! Off-roading is safe, thrilling, and exciting! You sit in a jeep and let the guide drive you to off-the-beaten-path areas where not many people passed. The ride might not be smooth or calm, especially if it is a rainy season and there is a lot of mud, but I promise you will end the off-road tour more relaxed than when you started!

5. Rock climbing

Rock climbing became a sort of just a few years ago. It even became one of the sports in the Olympics! Indeed, this sport trains your entire body and teaches you about your body a lot. Many people do not know how strong they are until they try rock climbing. Believe it or not, both young and old can do it! It is safe and fun, primarily because of all the adrenaline and views it brings!

6. Kayaking


Kayaking is perhaps one of my favorite and most impressive outdoor activities. It is a perfect blend of active trips and peaceful activity. Especially if you choose rivers or lakes and other similar calmer areas, try kayaking in the sea too. Yet, the sea might be a bit busier than the river. Please do not try kayaking without the knowledge or the best-case scenario – book a kayaking adventure with a professional guide and enjoy this adventure fully without worrying!

7. Rafting

Rafting may be one of the most entertaining activities for friends, families, or work colleagues. Ask someone about rafting, and if they have already tried it, they will talk about it with a spark in their eye! Rafting is helping people get closer, bond more and learn about each other more! It can be scary, but it is more thrilling than scary most of the time! I advise you to try rafting on the Tara or the Drina rivers!

8. Picnic

A picnic is probably the most accessible and affordable way to spend quality time outdoors with your friends and family! You can enjoy it almost anywhere in nature! You only have to bring some food, and think about the activities you will do. However, sitting, relaxing, sunbathing, and listening to birds chirping are often enough! Please, take care of nature and leave no traces. Take only memories!

9. Camping

Camping is one of those outdoor activities that will bond you a lot more with your camping buddies, your self and the nature around you! You do not have to be a pro camper, but it is handy to know about camping equipment and the right tools to enjoy the whole camping experience more smoothly, no matter the weather conditions or the location. A quality tent is a must!

10. Glamping

Glamping is quite similar to camping. It is a luxurious version of camping! Indeed, it is less affordable than glamping, but it is also a more leisurely adventure. This adventure can save you a lot of time. Glamping is also super romantic, so I advise you to surprise your partner with it in a magical, nature place!

11. Fishing

Do not worry – I am not for harming fish! On the other hand, fishing can be indeed fun. If you did not know, there is a fishing activity called C&R fishing – catch and release fishing, where you basically enjoy fishing, see it, and then let her go. Yes, in a way, you still harm the fish, but you do not kill it, and you can still enjoy this fun and learn about our swimming friends. You can do it from the kayak, shore, or boat. Almost from anywhere! Please, pay attention to forbidden fishing areas and avoid fishing there. Get a license or book a professional fishing guide!

kajak ribolov

12. Swimming

Swimming is one of those great outdoor activities where you do not have to spend a single penny! If you know how to swim, pick a pretty and calm water area where you can enjoy this great activity. Swimming is similar to the gym – but better because all your muscles work! Choose any river, sea, or lake. But be careful about the water temperatures and dress or undress according to that! Swimming suits do miracles!

13. Diving

Diving is one of those outdoor activities that is also an indoor activity. Well, because you are inside the water. Diving requires professional equipment and a few classes to dive and keep safe at high depths. This activity is super fun, but not everyone can do this. If you can – congratulations because the underworld hides so many secrets, which you can only explore by jumping out of your comfort zone!

14. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is an amazing outdoor activity similar to diving but less extreme. All you need is a snorkeling mask, and you are ready to go! There is no need for classes or anything like that! But get a quality snorkeling mask because that will influence how well you can see underwater. The underwater life is something different than anything else, so I advise you to try snorkeling at least once in your life in clear water!

15. Skating

Skating is indeed a fun activity. You can do roller skating during the nice weather – if you know how to do it or you can do ice skating during the colder times! I advise you to have a professional guide. Your guide will at least show you some crucial tricks and teach you how to enjoy this activity smoothly!

16. Skiing

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Many people think skiing is only for the rich or those who have skied since childhood. However, that is not true. Also, skiing is not dangerous! But of course, you must learn how to ski to avoid injuries or uncomfortable situations with falling. I advise you to start small and learn how to ski in smaller mountains, and little by little, you can enjoy this fun activity on high and extreme mountains – if you dare! But remember: who dares – wins!

17. Ziplining

Whenever I mention zip-line, people are afraid! But ziplines are not only high and long but extreme and frightening. Many zip lines are small, slower, and shorter – for those who do not like a huge adrenaline rush. Many adventure parks offer zipline too, suitable for all ages: little kids and elderly people. Once I did a zipline – almost one kilometer long and 150 meters high above the canyon. So, nothing below me, just death. Do you know who was before me? An 85-year-old man from Germany. If he could do it – you can do it too!

18. Mushroom hunting

There is no need to be a mushroom professional for this activity. Mushroom hunting is an educational and unique outdoor activity that everyone can do but not at any time of the year. Of course, it would be better to have at least one professional in your group so she/he/it can help you determine which mushrooms are good to pick, which are not toxic, which taste good, etc.

19. Running

Running is probably the most affordable activity because you can step outside your door and start doing it! Any nearby park, forest, beach, or river path can be great for a healthy running session. You can put on your headphones and listen to an audiobook or your favorite music while running or enjoy the birds chirping.

20. Football

Indeed, football is primarily a sport, but it can also be a fun outdoor activity for everyone. For instance, you can play football with your friends or family, even your colleagues from work, as a team-building—Improvise with a ball and everything else. Try playing football in nature, on the grass, and have fun. Be careful that the grass is not wet. Otherwise, you are at risk of catching the flu, especially during the wet, colder season.

21. Conservation volunteering

Unfortunately, many plants and animals are in danger. But luckily, many organizations take care of this problem effectively. If you love nature, you can also join one of those conservation volunteering organizations in your area and help with their work. Plus, you will get more experience and education that you can later transfer to other people around you! Sharing is caring!

22. Tennis

Tennis is one of those outdoor activities/sports that is often played outside. There are many tennis areas, so research and try your luck in this sport. Many people label tennis an expensive sport, but you do not have to train for it! You can only try to play it a few times or just once and see whether you like it. It is crucial to try new things, and tennis is indeed one of them!

23. Golf

I know, I know. For many, golf is a super boring and static activity. While it is true that golf is more fixed than a dynamic outdoor adventure, it is also fun and different from any other activity on this list! Thus, why not try it? Do a little research about golf spots in your area or improvise with miniature golf you can buy and take wherever you go!

24. Zoo

Zoos can be fun and beautiful, especially for kids. But only if the animals in there are well taken care of and have enough food, drinks, and space to move around. Many zoo animals have a much better life than in nature in terms of longer life, fewer diseases, and a safer environment. Animas remind even the oldest people about their childish side!


25. Boat cruising

A boat cruise is one of those amazing outdoor activities that will relax you like nothing else. While boat cruising, you can sit or lie down, relax, and enjoy the ride. This activity is an ultimate hedonistic approach to life, especially during the warmer seasons. Thus, book a boat cruise ride and experience nature from a unique water view!

26. Canyoning

Canyoning is another extreme activity for all those who love adrenaline and a dynamic environment. Again, age is not a condition here, but a good fitness level due to long walks, jumps, etc. By choosing an outdoor canyoning adventure, you are choosing a lot of fun, seeing many hidden gems, and doing many things you have never done before. Magic will indeed happen because canyoning is about leaving your safe comfort zone!

27. Paintball

Paintball is a super fun activity that brings lots of laughs and memories. It is a perfect outdoor activity for families, friends, and colleagues from work during team building. For the best experience, choose good weather conditions and a regular season of the year! See if some adventure park has the option to do paintball!

28. Sunbathing


Since summer is approaching, the chances for sunbathing are more significant and extensive! However, be careful at what time of the day you are enjoying sunbathing. As you see, the sun is dangerous from 11 am to 5 pm during the summertime. The most vitamin D and the least hazardous rays you can get from the sun from sunrise time to 9 am. Choose any natural spot, put a towel on, and lie down to enjoy. Grab a drink, your music, or a book, and reward yourself with a fine morning!

29. Gardening

Gardening is one of those outdoor activities that help you become a better human on this planet. You can also learn much about plants, growing, nature, and other living beings. Before planting anything, research and educate yourself! Sometimes, gardening can harm if it is not done well with no knowledge! Join some organizations and learn from those who already know much about gardening!

30. Bicycling

Cycling is probably one of my favorite activities. Again, it is like a gym, but a lot more fun way than the gym. Look for bicycling paths and hit those trails! Enjoy observing nature while exercising and make some stops and the most beautiful areas!

outdoor adventures,31 adventures in 31 days,amazing outdoor advantures,adventures for every age

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31. Mountaineering

This extreme and amazing outdoor activity is also called Alpinism or mountain climbing. You love climbing to the high points, and you love ascending tall mountains. To do this, you have to be in great shape and have much knowledge of climbing, rock climbing, skiing, etc. It is a mind-blowing experience. And although it may sound scary, many older people do it and even kids – from 10 years old!


No matter the age, amazing outdoor activities are there to remind you how good it is to be alive! You do not need to try all the activities from above, but if you try at least three new ones this year, you are the winner, and you should be proud of yourself!

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