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Fun winter activities: What’s better snowboarding vs skiing?

Winter is knocking on your door! Prepare your warm equipment and explore fun activities for the winter: which winter activity is better: snowboarding vs skiing?

What is snowboarding?

Snowboarding is indeed one of many fun activities. It is a fun winter sport that involves descending a slope covered with snow while standing on a board attached to the feet, using a special boot set onto a mounted binding. Skateboarding, skiing, sledding, and surfing inspired the development of snowboarding. It developed in the United States in the 1960s – 1970s. On top of that, snowboarding became Winter Olympic Sport in 1998.

Snowboarding dates back to the 1920s when boys and men would tie wooden planks or plywood from barrels to their feet. They used clotheslines and horse reins to steer themselves down hills. However, modern snowboarding began later. It happened in 1965 when Mr. Sherman Poppen, an engineer from Michigan, invented a simple toy for his daughter. He fastened two skis together and attached a rope to one end so his daughter would have some control as she stood on the board and glided downhill.

Here are the types of Snowboarding:

  • Freeriding
  • Freestyle
  • Urban
  • Half pipe
  • Boardercross race
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What is skiing?

Skiing is another sport and one of plenty of fun activities for the winter. Also, it is a sort of transportation. It involves moving over snow using a long pair of flat runners called skis. Skis are attached or bound to shoes or boots. Then, we divide skiing into competitive skiing in Nordic, Alpine, and freestyle events. You can take skiing classes near you or try competitive skiing and taste the fun of this winter activity!


Skiing as a transport, a hunting way, and a war

Believe it or not, skiing was a prehistoric activity. The oldest known skis date to between 8000 and 7000 BCE. Their traces of discovery is in Russia. Early skis were found in Norway, and hundreds of ski fragments that are 1,000 to 3,500 years old were found in Sweden and Finland. The first written references to skiing are from the Han dynasty in China. We know that people skied all these times thanks to cave paintings and ancient ski fragments.

Many peoples in climates with snow developed some form of skiing. The Lapps)believed themselves to be the inventors of skiing. They were using skies for hunting, renowned from Roman times. Also, the Vikings used skis from the 9th to the 11th century. Skis are sometimes used for travel in some rural areas of Russia and the Scandinavian countries.

Skiing was also for military purposes. Since 1767 there have been many military ski competitions with prizes. In particular, ski troops fought in World War I and World War II. What a fun winter activity now from what it used to be!

Which is more popular - Skiing or Snowboarding?

Skiing is way more popular because it is a lot easier. But easier for many people, means more fun and less effort. That is why many think that it is a perfect experience to let yourself. While skiing holds the crown of being more technical winter outdoor activity. On the contrary, snowboarding has the crown of being the so-called cooler outdoor adventure. There are far more skiers than snowboarders. But skiing is significantly older than snowboarding. The bad thing about it? Well, it has the reputation of being too dangerous. Also, the snowboarders are generalized and described by many skies as disrespectful and rude. Snowboard is bigger than skis and it leaves large ruts in snow powder.

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Is it easier to progress in snowboarding vs skiing?

1. Winter activity: Snowboarding

Once you overcome mainly psychological obstacles, as a beginner snowboarder, you should be able to progress relatively quickly in this sport. The attachment of the feet to the snowboard feels awkward at first. But later, it becomes an advantage. On the contrary, skies find that crossing their skis can become an issue while keeping the skis apart is a sort of skill itself.

As a beginner snowboarder, you don’t have to worry about this. But once you grasp the tricks and magic of making turns, you will taste the best fun of this winter activity. Then, you can start to hit the slopes. The next step is to work on improved balance and increased speed. Later you will realize how increasing speed can make turning even more manageable. It has less contact between the base of the board and the actual snow. Furthermore, that decreases resistance when turning. Magic, right?

As a beginner snowboarder, the basics of riding down and making simple turns should be achievable within a week or two. The rest of the time, you will learn about increased speed, finessing turns, and taking your riding to the next level!

2. Winter activity: Skiing

However, as a skier, the hard work starts after one or two days. Building the basics takes longer time than snowboarders. The main problem is to keep having two separate skis on two separate legs. Moving both legs simultaneously, in symmetry and harmony, takes some decent time to achieve. In that sense, snowboarders have a faster progression. Trust me it can be a real challenge to go to the next level with the skis! This winter activity is not joke – it takes time to scale the skill.

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Do I need to be more fit to ski or snowboard?

It would be best if you were fit to be a good skier or snowboarder. Yet, skiing is a bit more demanding on the legs and thighs, while snowboarding needs more of your core strength. You see because the upper body is more involved with turning and balance. Bear in mind that beginners often fall more. Also, it is much harder when snowboarding. In that sense, learning to snowboard is more forgiving on the body if you are a bit younger or in good physical shape.

Prepare for outdoorwinter activity addiction!

If you get past the beginner stage and deep down into it, that sport will become a central part of your life. You will want to do more in different places. You would also love to become an expert.

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Final words

So what is better: Is it snowboarding vs skiing? Whatever winter activity you choose, be prepared as much as possible. Thus, if you prepare well enough with snowboarding or skiing classes nearby, you will enjoy it more. Therefore the progression will be better. Snowboarding vs skiing will always be the deal, but the truth is, which sport is better can only be judged by you. Thus, jump out of your comfort zone and experience fun activities for the winter like snowboarding lessons and skiing lessons. Become a snow master and witness Narnia live! Try Snowboarding Lessons in Kopaonik Ski Resort!

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