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Canoeing & Kayaking Adventure – Danube Sailing & Paddling

Details - What to expect

Are you looking for a short refreshment after work? Relax with the sunset on the Danube in Novi Sad on a kayak adventure. Ride a boat and paddle a canoe or kayak. Relax—a great fun kayaking adventure is just a step away from you. Experience the best of Novi Sad adventures.

Kayak Adventure includes:

  • Cruising by catamaran

  • Kayaking or canoeing

  • Paddling training

The adventure lasts about 2 hours. 40-50 minutes canoeing on the Danube and an hour by boat.
Our canoes are stable. You do not need previous experience in canoeing.

We recommend the kayak & canoe adventure:

  • Individuals for an afternoon escape from the city

  • Teams - have fun team-building time paddling

  • Couples to spend a romantic afternoon at sunset


We start the adventure with training in kayak management. We sail by boat upstream on the Danube, where we descend by kayaks and canoes. The Danube is the most beautiful sunset you can enjoy while cruising.


Reservations in advance are required. Once the reservation is approved, we will give you the exact location and details of the guide.

Do you need the adventure to build a team for a larger group?
Send your ideas to We can agree on a better price for the adventure for more participants.

Event Features

Duration/Days : 161
Trail Length/km : 5
Difficulty Level : Easy

Suitable for most people of different ages who have a basic level of fitness. Altitude difference less than 800 meters and total distance less than 12 km.

Elevation/m above sea level
Fitness Level
No special fitness level required
Adventure level & injury potential
Walking with a low chance of injury
Required Gear
Deep Forest
Cancelation Policy

*Rools that must be accepted while booking

14+ days before trip - full credit to a future trip. 13 ~ 7 days before trip - 25% fee. 6 ~ 2 days before trip 50% fee. Less than 48 hours before trip: 100% fee.

We recommend that you wear sports clothes. Bring a hat, cap, sunglasses, towel, and dry clothes if you get wet.

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