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Horse Riding for Experienced Riders Near Novi Sad

Details - What to expect

Do you like horse riding? Frequently seeking new trails and opportunities? Start riding a horse whenever possible. If you have some horse riding experience and can ride by yourself, this nature-riding tour is your proper fit.

Find the fantastic horse ranch in just 30 minutes ride from Novi Sad and one hour from Belgrade.

Although this is a guided horseback riding tour, you must have some riding experience to embark on the adventure.

The riding adventure includes:

  • 1 hour and 30 minutes of horse riding through untouched nature

  • Drinks in the pleasant atmosphere of the farm

We recommend the adventure to:

  • Families visit the farm, ride, and enjoy the horses

  • Couples to experience a romantic date with horseback riding through untouched nature

  • Solo Travellers who enjoy horseback riding in nature


Reservation is required. You will receive all the adventure details after we confirm the reservation. Don't miss to book your horse riding on time. BOOK NOW-PAY LATER. Reserve your adventure with a deposit only to secure flexible plans. The reservation is valid until you use it.

It is possible to organize BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS. Contact us at for more information.


Welcome to our farm to enjoy a day with horses, rest and relax. We will ride through beautiful nature and take you to the nearby monastery and lake. Although it is a guided horse riding tour, you need riding experience to control your horse. Your guide is an experienced and award-winning jockey, so don't worry. You will be in safe hands. The fantastic scenery and historical places nearby provide many trails for horseback riding.

You can ride around the farm if you need preparation for off-road riding. Also, if you come with children, we will be happy to take them for a ride on horseback in the circle.

You should know that the atmosphere here is exclusively positive and that we are always here for a good time! Horse riding is a team sport, and that's how we treat each other. While riding a horse, the rider and the horse are one, two bodies, one soul. It is necessary to listen to the horse, be calm, and love this sport. Horses are beautiful creatures; all you need to discover is one look into their eyes, mirrors of the soul.💕✨

Event Features

Duration/Days : 90
Trail Length/km : 2
Difficulty Level : Easy

Suitable for most people of different ages who have a basic level of fitness. Altitude difference less than 800 meters and total distance less than 12 km.

Elevation/m above sea level
Fitness Level
Adventure level & injury potential
Required Gear
Hiking Shoes
Sun protection kit
National Park
Cancelation Policy

*Rools that must be accepted while booking

14+ days before trip - full credit to a future trip. 13 ~ 7 days before trip - 25% fee. 6 ~ 2 days before trip 50% fee. Less than 48 hours before trip: 100% fee.

Booking in advance is required. The seats are limited. All booking details you will receive from the guide after the booking is confirmed.

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