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Kayak Fishing – Wels Catfish Clicking on Tisza

Details - What to expect

Are you looking for a peaceful place nearby? How does a day trip to the river to kayak fishing sound to you? A day of relaxation by the emerald Tisa! Enjoy your time clonk fishing, wells catfish fishing, swimming in the clean river, and have a cold drink. Book the trip for yourself and the whole family. Find the kayak fishing place just an hour and a half drive from Belgrade and only 50 minutes from Novi Sad.

Visit the Tisza for a day of kayak fishing and catch catfish!


  • Clonk fishing - Kayak fishing with experienced guides

  • Use of fishing equipment: fishing tackle, lures,

  • Fishing from modern fishing kayaks or motor boats, according to your wishes


  • Families travel to Serbia with children. Catch catfish together for dinner.

  • Teams for hanging out in the great company of experienced fishermen, local guides


Fishing as a primordial form of connection between man and nature can be so fun when using ancient tools combined with modern technology.

About Clonk fishing Wells catfish fishing:

We combine this ancient knowledge and modern technology (Sonar, fishfinder) and create excitement by representing the very top of contemporary fishing sports on rivers and lakes.
When we add that the target fish is the most potent river predator catfish, we are sure there will be no shortage of excitement.
The kayak fishing place on the Tisza river is magical and exciting. We can go on morning and afternoon outings on the water to kayak fishing. In the meantime, you can refresh in the river, have lunch, swim, and do other outdoor activities like (kayaking and stationary fishing). We take a break. on a raft on the river
The fishing itself includes accessories, lures, and a guide and is carried out from a motor boat or modern fishing kayaks, as you wish.


For fishing, it is necessary to have a fishing license or buy a daily ticket from the fishkeeper!!!

Booking in advance is essential. Seats are limited, don't forget to book in time.

Do you need a team-building adventure for a larger group?
Send your ideas to We can negotiate a better price for the adventure for more participants.

Event Features

Duration/Days : 63
Trail Length/km : 10
Difficulty Level : Medium

Suitable for those experienced in walking, those who hike at least once a month. This level would be considered easy for those who arefrequent hikers - an increase in altitude of 800 ~ 1,500 meters and a maximum distance of 15km per day.​

Elevation/m above sea level
Fitness Level
No special fitness level required
Adventure level & injury potential
Walking with a low chance of injury
Required Gear
Sun protection kit
Waterproof gear
Hunting knife
Deep Forest
National Park
Cancelation Policy

*Rools that must be accepted while booking

14+ days before trip - full credit to a future trip. 13 ~ 7 days before trip - 25% fee 6 ~ 2 days before trip 50% fee Less than 48 hours before trip: 100% fee

This trail is ajusted for kids as well as olderly people.

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