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Kayak Fishing Trip – Fishing Kayak, Serbia

Details - What to expect

Need a few hours to calm down and enjoy the river? Join the Kayak fishing trip to break a day and catch a fish! The adventure is suitable for both experienced anglers and beginners. One and half hours drive from Belgrade, you will find the kayak fishing guide and the best fishing spot - Get out there and fish!

The adventure includes:

  • Fishing kayak with the experienced guide

  • Usage of proven and customized accessories and equipment.

  • Possibility to catch one of the Zander, Catfish, Pike, Bucov fish.

  • Setting camp and enjoying drinks.

We recommend the adventure to:

  • Teams for a one-day Team Building trip 

  • Families like to enjoy outdoor recreation

  • Solo adventurers to get the daily refresh


The fish species depend on the hunting season Zander, Catfish, Pike, Bucov fish.

We take you to two smaller rivers in the vicinity of Zrenjanin, one is the river Begej, and the other is the Tamis. Both rivers are typically plain and relatively calm so there is no fear of turbulent waters when their water levels are within multi-year averages.

Kayak fishing offers exceptional environmental benefits. While kayak fishing, you can enjoy the view of the shores, glide through the bays or cruise the river.

Come with us because we choose the most picturesque terrains in the upper - wild - part of Begej with locks (Serbian Itebej, Klek) and for fishing a more beautiful stretch of the Tamis downstream from the Tomasevac dam (Tamis 2).

The terrain is not demanding and is suitable for both experienced anglers and beginners.
Using a floating vest is mandatory, and we do not recommend approaching dams!

After the first fishing round, we set up camp at the agreed place, where we could take a short break with refreshments.
We continue fishing, descend to the agreed place and finish the adventure for that day.


Booking in advance is required. All the details you will receive upon reservation.

Transport to the meet-up point with the guide is in your organization.

This tour is suitable for non-fishermen. You can enjoy kayaking, nature, and collecting memories by capturing photos.

For this adventure, it is necessary to dress sportily according to the weather conditions. Kayaking is a water sport, and we often get wet, so a spare wardrobe is desirable.
Our kayaks are stable, sit-in kayaks (You can choose between kayaks with one or two seats)

Event Features

Duration/Days : 230
Trail Length/km : 10
Difficulty Level : Easy

Suitable for most people of different ages who have a basic level of fitness. Altitude difference less than 800 meters and total distance less than 12 km.

Elevation/m above sea level
Fitness Level
In Good Shape only
Adventure level & injury potential
Walking with a low chance of injury
Required Gear
Water Kit
Sun protection kit
Waterproof gear
Deep Forest
Cancelation Policy

*Rools that must be accepted while booking

14+ days before trip - full credit to a future trip. 13 ~ 7 days before trip - 25% fee. 6 ~ 2 days before trip 50% fee. Less than 48 hours before trip: 100% fee.

Dress in layers. Waterproof lighter clothes are desirable. Sufficient water supply and sun protection (cap, glasses, SPF cream ...)

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