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Rtanj Pyramide: Hiking Trip With Good Energy – Serbia Rtanj

Details - What to expect

If you need energy refueling, join me for an adventure that brings incredible energy! Explore Rtanj Pyramide, the great Minh Rosarium, the healing place Vrelo Spring, and the Rtanj Mountain peak Šiljak—a one-day hiking trip with an experienced guide.


  • Experience guide fees


  • Solo travelers like hiking and exploring energetic fields

  • Teams

  • Families


Take advantage of booking Rtnaj Pyramide Adventure in time—the Best adventure prices for groups. BOOK NOW - PAY LATER—deposit-only booking for you to keep flexible plans. Reserved tickets are safe until you use them.

Booking an adventure in advance is required. After the reservation is confirmed, you will receive all the details about the meeting place with the guide.


We start our adventure with a tour of the famous Greta Minh rosarium, which is located in the village of Rtanj. The place where Greta once read books and enjoyed the view of the "pyramid," and this rosarium was decorated with plants worldwide. Today, thanks to Hotel Ramonda, the rosary has been restored.

The beginning of our adventure toward the top of Šiljak starts from the famous good energy source called "Vrelo." In the past, the Sanctuary served people to fill up with good energy points to improve the overall condition of their bodies. It radiates orgone, electromagnetic, and ozone energy, which, when combined, heal the body.

The path to the top of Šiljak, located at 1565 m above sea level, can be divided into three segments.
The first part starts from Vrelo and includes a road on which we will travel about 2 km until we enter the forest.
The second part of the trail starts from the entrance to the forest, through which we will move for the next 2 km when we reach the famous plateau, from which we will see the "Pyramid" so close for the first time. The advantage of this part of the trail is that we will be protected from the sun, and the disadvantage is that there are a lot of stones that can be slippery in case of rain, which increases the possibility of injury.
The third part of the trail starts from the plateau, where we will take a little longer break, and from there, we move along the path where there will be low vegetation around us, without the possibility of "resting under a tree."

Ultimately, the Šiljak peak, located at 1565 meters above sea level, offers a beautiful view of Boljevac, Sokobanja, Paraćin, and the surrounding area.

*In the case of the organization of a large number of people, it is possible to organize transportation and lunch in one of the local households after the ascent.
*There is a possibility of combining excursions (with the possibility of organizing a meal in one of the local households): Rtanj + Viewpoints of the Lazarev Canyon, Rtanj + Garnavica (the most beautiful view of Rtanj), Rtanj + Bogovinska Cave and the spring of Black Timok.

Event Features

Duration/Days : 244
Trail Length/km : 15
Difficulty Level : Medium

Suitable for those experienced in walking, those who hike at least once a month. This level would be considered easy for those who arefrequent hikers - an increase in altitude of 800 ~ 1,500 meters and a maximum distance of 15km per day.​

Elevation/m above sea level
Fitness Level
Adventure level & injury potential
Required Gear
First Aid
Hiking Shoes
Trekking Poles
Water Kit
Sun protection kit
Active underwear
Cancelation Policy

*Rules that must be accepted while booking

In case of cancellation of the trip, at least 5 days before the agreed date, 100% of the amount will be returned to the participants. In case of cancellation less than 5 days before the organized excursion, the guide keeps 50% of the amount as compensation.

We don't have a single water source on the trail, so everyone should bring at least 1.5 liters. It is also necessary to bring food for the day, a chocolate bar/energy bar, a hat/cap as protection from the sun, and a cream with a protective factor. A jacket in a backpack, a hat, and thin gloves will not be an unnecessary burden because, in the case of wind, which can blow hard at the top, you will be grateful to yourself for bringing it . Trekking poles will make the ascent to the top more accessible, as well as the descent, which puts strain on the knees. The Guide reserves the right to: - In case of inadequate equipment, do not allow the participant to climb to the top. - In case of inappropriate behavior, remove the participant from the group. - In case of bad weather conditions, change the route or cancel the climb to the top.

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