Who are we?

“Welcome to the Go2trail platform. We are here to find the perfect event for you whenever you want to have an outdoor activity. Our primary goal is to connect local professional guides with outdoor seekers.”

What makes us special?

We save for you

We believe that the future of travel is in short local excursions that are tailored according to the needs of the individual without the participation of intermediaries. In this way, anyone booking an event in nature via the Go2trail platform saves money by avoiding an intermediary agent and comes into direct contact with a professional local guide.

We provide support to local communities

Our mission is to reach the most hidden corners of our planet, perfect for enjoying and adventure. To achieve this, we have made partnerships with professional local guides who provide exclusive access to local communities and their assets. Turning to ecotourism and self-sustainable development, our goal is to help these communities grow and develop, which we achieve through every event booked via Go2trail platform.

Flexibility, freedom, fun

According to your travel style, you can choose one of the offered excursions or create a request for a custom event that fully suits your needs. To create a request for a personalized trip, all you have to do is fill in a short questionnaire and we will send it to all available guides and contact you as soon as possible.

Why to travel with Go2trail?

We redefine the way travelers see the world.

Safety first

Join a small group of like-minded travelers who, like you, want a safe and memorable experience in nature. All our guides are instructed in detail in security measures and are responsible for their implementation, so that participants are safe throughout the event, to the moment they go home.
Don’t miss to experience all the magical places that make our world worth exploring, because of any extraordinary / regular epidemiological limitations.”

Local Experts are our / your guides

Go2trail makes partnerships with hiking experts, experts in trails, animals, plants, mushrooms. They know where the most beautiful view is, where is best place to eat, what plants can be picked and how. Go2trail guides all have extensive experience and a license for the activities they are guides for. These experts are local guides, which means they know the area they lead through.

Go2trail team

We, Go2Trail team, are, first of all, friends and then nature seekers. All three of us do office work and spend a lot of time on computers. This type of work is mentally very demanding, which makes it physically unbearable 🙂

So we figured out escaping to nature is the best solution for us. Short breaks, a day max to three days, could be that replenishment that we need so badly to end up with new energy for tomorrow.

“We started hiking and we’ve liked it. But, we found it uneasy to find a short event in nature. Even If there were some, they were about all the same.
Since then, we have found the most beautiful trails near our cities in our neighborhood. We have met excellent guides that adore being outside showing people some fascinating hidden places nearby.”


About Us Go2Trail,Go2trail,Who We Are,About Us
Co-founder @ Go2trail

Dedicated to business development, a fan of nature and outdoor activities, hiking, canyoning, diving, as well as refreshments in hot and cold springs of untouched nature.
To improve my physical and mental condition, I concluded that a short event in nature suits me the best. Wanting to promote a lifestyle that increases life quality, I decided to connect nature lovers through an event booking platform.

I believe that it is the right time to connect with nature, for those of us who are in love with outdoor events, as well as for all those who are yet to fall in love 😉

Who_WE_Are_Jelena Petković_Co-founder_CEO_Go2trail_About_us


About Us Go2Trail,Go2trail,Who We Are,About Us
Co-founder @Go2trail platform

Dedicated to a customer relations, I am a joyful soul hiding behind a serious character.
I enjoy glamping and custom made events created by high standards.Also I believe in teamwork, love animals and respect nature.
My determination is to focus all my knowledge on improving the relationship between people and the world around us.

Walk into your freedom!



About Us Go2Trail,Go2trail,Who We Are,About Us
Marketing manager and co-founder of the Go2trail platform

In addition to marketing, which is my passion, I am a fan of long walks and staying in the wild and untouched nature.

Given the nature of the work I do (digital office moth;), I think that reconnecting with nature is a great way to preserve my health.

Another reason that motivates me to contribute to the development of the platform is our initiative to promote local trails, undiscovered natural resources, communities, and culture. The desire to approach you and discover the undiscovered.

I believe that life in connection with nature is a well-lived life.