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Raise awareness of your values (in a whole new way).

Why work with Go2Trail?

We reveal your uniqueness to the world

We place your events with users from all over the world. We create content, marketing, and ads so you can concentrate on what you love and do best.

We make Great connections

We aim to make it easy for you to connect with more outdoor seekers & like-minded people avoiding middlemen.

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We’ll Keep You Booked all over the year, no matter the season, so you can welcome more guests and increase revenue!

We Guarantee Your Payment

“We have a secure and reliable payment system, which guarantees your income. We will also take care of canceling events or any changes.”

Promote Your Outdoor Trip,Be Guide,Share Your Experience

We believe that Lovely Planet Earth should have clean air, rivers, seas, for everyone to enjoy them.


Our way to contribute to this cause is to develop a platform that will reconnect people with nature through outdoor events.


Go2Trail simplifies and makes it easy to book hiking trails created by an experienced outdoor guide.

Promote Your Outdoor Trip,Be Guide,Share Your Experience

How to make money as an outdoor guide?

It is possible by creating your own outdoor event if you:

  • *

    are Good at working with people.

  • *

    have a flexible schedule.

  • *

    are able to handle stressful situations and do all the problem-solving.

  • *

    have a license for an outdoor activity.

What Guides are saying?

“I have worked in partnership with Go2trail for a few years now and they are proven to be very organized with a high level of customer service and super-fast response time which is crucial for nature seekers. They support both my guiding team and the hikers.”

Ivana Bucar, ZGVS, Slovenia

Promote Your Outdoor Trip,Be Guide,Share Your Experience

``What I like about Go2Trial is that it’s so thorough, from the emails that you get and from it being out there, widespread.``

Pere Peric Serbia

Promote Your Outdoor Trip,Be Guide,Share Your Experience

Promote Your Outdoor Trip,Be Guide,Share Your Experience

What is Go2Trail looking for?

Knowledgeable and passionate Guide which can:


Inspire people to participate actively and immerse in an activity.

special place

Provide guests access to a special place or community.


Tell the story of your his/hers own unique perspective.

How you can participate?

Living a dream is not impossible and its just a few steps away


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Set up your profile so that your guests meet you


Create an Event
Share your story & create a unique hiking experience


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