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Paragliding Zlatibor – Tandem Paragliding Experience

Details - What to expect

Wish to fly? Experience Paragliding from the sky of Zlatibor, Mt Cigota, one of Serbia's highest peaks, with an experienced pilot. Take off to an impressive 1422m above sea level to enjoy paragliding over the view of the colorful rolling plateau of southwestern Europe.

You can get here from the nearest major airport Sarajevo International Airport, 185.3 km via M5. Also can get from Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla 222 km via A2 and E763 You will be safe! Paragliding Tandem is an easy adrenalin activity. Paragliding Adventure Include:
  • Paragliding Tandem Flight in the company of an experienced licensed pilot
  • GoPro camera photos
We recommend the adventure activity:
  • To You, Thrill Seeker, when you wish for an adrenaline experience
  • As a Gift Idea - Adrenaline Experience for a birthday, anniversary, outdoor date,
  • Team Building
  • Romantic Getaway

Zlatibor Mountain is one of the favorite paragliding spots in Serbia. Take advantage of booking the paragliding tandem from Zlatibor with the experienced paragliding pilot on time. BOOK NOW-PAY LATER for you to keep a flexible plan schedule. Your reservation remains safe until you embark on the adrenaline experience.

BOOK NOW - PAY LATER—deposit-only booking for you to keep flexible plans. Reserved tickets are safe until you use them. DETAILS: In favorable weather conditions, the whole event lasts 45-60 minutes. Flight times vary depending on the weather conditions of the day. Wear sports. The paragliding pilot may change the flight date depending on weather conditions. Minors must have permission from a parent or guardian. Weight restrictions apply - min 25kg, max 125kg. The adventure suits everyone, regardless of previous experience in paragliding. Zlatibor Mountain is one of the best places to take off locations for tandem paragliding. Its short distance from the Zlatibor resort is one of Serbia's most popular touristic destinations for hiking and skiing. The pilot prepares the equipment at the airfield, gives you brief instructions, helps you put on the protective helmet, and enters the seat. The pilot completes his kit, connects you and himself with the paraglider then turns on the GoPro camera. You are ready to take off. The pilot assesses the weather conditions and gives a signal to start the action. The critical moment is when you get instructions to start running. Start running with all your might without hesitation, and you will lose the ground under your feet in a few moments. Settle in to be comfortable in your seat; the next 15-20 minutes are your enjoyment of the free flight. You will circle above the colorful slopes of the Zlatibor massif like a bird, enjoying the view of an admirable valley and the touch of the wind on your face. Soak up all that beauty of European forests and meadows below! You can ask the pilot to maneuver in the air for even more excitement. After a complete circuit of the area, you will perform a soft grass landing in the valley and receive the certificate. The pilot will give you instructions for a safe landing before e landing. After landing, while arranging your impressions, the pilot will pack the equipment. We approve reducing the group booking price. Contact us

Event Features

Duration/Days : 63
Trail Length/km : 5
Difficulty Level : Easy

Suitable for most people of different ages who have a basic level of fitness. Altitude difference less than 800 meters and total distance less than 12 km.

Elevation/m above sea level
Fitness Level
Adventure level & injury potential
Required Gear
Hiking Shoes
National Park
Cancelation Policy

*Rules that must be accepted while booking

In case of bad weather conditions, the tour can be delayed or canceled. The flight duration may vary due to weather conditions.  In case of time constraints, you will change the flight dates in agreement with the pilot. Due to the reserved seat does not expire you can take it for yourself or gift it to someone.

It is preferable to have pants and long sleeves, a thin jacket, or a wind stopper. If it is cold on the flight day, take warmer clothes with you.

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