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Pyramid in Serbia – Rtanj Mountain Hiking Adventure

Details - What to expect

Are you into exploring magical places? Go hiking Rtanj mountain. Enjoy the beauty and magical energy of the Rtanj pyramid associated with small green and flying saucer stories. Full of charisma, Rtanj mountain is exciting and will enchant you with its beauty, peace, and fantastic view from the top.

The Rtanj adventure includes:
  • Climb to the top of the Rtanj pyramid accompanied by an experienced local guide
  • Tour of the Vrelo energy field
We recommend the adventure to:
  • Families to experience an exciting family bonding trip
  • Solo adventurers escape from the city
  • Teams gathering together for Team Building Activities

Booking an adventure in advance is required. After the reservation is confirmed, you will receive all the details about the meeting place with the guide. BOOK NOW - PAY LATER—deposit-only booking for you to keep flexible plans. Reserved tickets are safe until you use them.

DETAILS: You can find Rtanj mountain on a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Belgrade and only one hour and 15 minutes from Niš. From there, we go by car to the village of Rtanj, where the hiking trail starts. If there is not much snow, we can shorten the track by about 2 km in one direction. The time needed to climb to the top of Rtanj mountain, Šiljak, is from 3-4 am, depending on the weather conditions on the trail. At the top of the Rtanj mountain, Šiljak Peak, we take a break for half an hour (30 minutes) to rest, strengthen and enjoy the view from the top. If the weather allows, we can stay longer. To descend from the mountain, we need 2-2.30h. After descending from Rtanj, we visit the energy field "Vrelo." If you like, we can take you to a local restaurant. Here you can try great homemade food and gourmet onions at affordable prices. Do not miss the opportunity to experience Rtanj in every season.

Event Features

Duration/Days : 366
Trail Length/km : 11
Difficulty Level : Medium

Suitable for those experienced in walking, those who hike at least once a month. This level would be considered easy for those who arefrequent hikers - an increase in altitude of 800 ~ 1,500 meters and a maximum distance of 15km per day.​

Elevation/m above sea level
Fitness Level

Adventure level & injury potential
Required Gear
Hiking Shoes
Water Kit
Active underwear
Deep Forest
Cancelation Policy

*Rules that must be accepted while booking

14+ days before trip - full credit to a future trip. 13 ~ 7 days before trip - 25% fee. 6 ~ 2 days before trip 50% fee. Less than 48 hours before trip: 100% fee.

In case of bad weather and changes in weather conditions that may endanger the safety of participants, the guide reserves the right to stop the ascent and return the participants safely. There are no water sources on Rtanj, and bringing a bottle or two is recommended. It's also necessary to get some food (like sandwiches, snacks, energy bars, or fruits ...) It is also advisable to bring a spare T-shirt, sweatshirt, or active underwear. A hat, gloves, and scarf are a must-have on the mountain. In case of strong wind and precipitation, it is good to have ski goggles. Since it's wintertime, the recommendation is to reserve shoes and clothes in the car. Those with hiking poles are recommended to take them, and for those who haven't, it's possible to rent them. It's also possible to rent snowshoes if you need them.

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