Mirno More


About Mirno More

  • Survival Expert & Greenpeace Activist

    A lover of travel, hiking and the charms of untouched nature, an adventurer and explorer. A very good connoisseur of wild edible plants and a person who has carefully studied the primitive ways of hunting wild animals for more than 30 years… but he is not hunter/fisherman anymore. Respects the life of every living thing. He is a graduate economist by profession who has done many different jobs in his life … he was a host on the radio station “Studio B”, recorded hundreds of radio and TV commercials, dedicated himself to organizing the Miss pageant and spent more than ten years to foreign trade (business with copper), he loved the job of manager of various rock & roll bands… As an amateur archaeologist in his spare time he organizes adventurous searches for ancient artifacts and gold. He is not young enough to know everything. Enjoys sunny and rainy days equally. Water admirer. Currently employed at Travel Agency Mirno More