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Break the Spring! Adventure-Driven Vacations Balkans

Visit Serbia

Break the Spring! Adventure-Driven Vacations Balkans

Here’re the Best Spring Break Vacations in 2023 For Adventure-Seeking Travelers. Find cheap places for spring breaks and embark on vacations in the Balkans!

Explore the best Spring Break Vacations For Adventure-Seeking Travelers!

Visit Bosnia & Herzegovina

Besides, Tara River Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world, making it an unforgettable rafting experience! Rafting on Tara is one of those epic spring break destinations for college students because it allows multiple teams to form and enjoy the river rapids like never before – all together! If you love to embark on an off-the-beaten path, then Sutjeska Durmitor Tara Jeep is the perfect experience for you! If you are going with a family or your work colleagues, then rafting on Tara three-day rafting adventure is the best option for you to take! Embark on a rafting Tara three-day adventure and create memories of a lifetime!

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of those European countries in the middle of the Balkans that will steal your heart instantly. This small country bursts from rivers. There are also mountains, waters, waterfalls, canyons and caves ready to be explored and tasted by more and more visitors. From hiking trails, rafting areas, epic views and comfy places to camp, Bosnia has it all for all adventure-seeking travellers. You should include Bosnia as one of the best spring break vacations for a mild and perfect springtime, ideal for outdoor activities!


Svood Rafting Tara Bosnia and Herzegovina - Adrenaline Adventure

Rafting Tara is an adventurous outdoor activity perfect for active spring break vacations! This spring break-thrilling activity involves navigating the rapids of the majestic Tara River, allowing you to experience all the nature perks of this gorgeous area. Tara River is known to have crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery, perfect for spring outdoor activities. The white river rafting trip typically lasts about 3 to 4 hours and covers a distance of 18 kilometres. If you are wondering how you will enjoy white river rafting, do not worry – because there are different levels. It is suitable for both beginners and, also experienced rafters. Rafting Tara is a perfect way to experience the beautiful nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina and get your adrenaline pumping. The best time to go rafting on the Tara River is now – from May to September. At this time, the water is warm, and the weather is terrific!

2. Visit Croatia


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Croatia is a fantastic, and unique country in the heart of Europe. This spectacular country offers a wide range of outdoor activities and thrilling experiences. Spring is a perfect time to visit Croatia because the weather is mild. On top of that, there are fewer tourists than in the peak and high summer season. Croatia has more than 1200 breathtaking islands in the Adriatic Sea that are perfect for island hopping. Island hopping Croatia helps you to discover the hidden gems of Croatia’s coast. 

The islands of Croatia are full of experiences, from lush green forests to sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Some of the best islands to visit are Hvar, Brac, Korcula, and Vis. Each island has its unique charm and personality that will make your island hopping adventure unforgettable. You can explore the islands by boat or ferry and enjoy the scenic views of the epic coastline along the way. Also, Croatia has a rich history and culture, so there are many historical sites and museums to visit and beautiful hiking paths to viewpoints that will leave you speechless! Island hopping in Croatia is one of the top spring break vacations for families in 2023. If you are looking for trips for spring break, Croatian islands are the way to go! Explore magical island Krk from Zagreb or embark on a hiking adventure, island hopping Croatia via Brattia island Brac for 5 days!

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3. Visit Serbia



Serbia is a mind-blowing, underrated and diverse country located in the heart of the Balkans, and it offers a variety of outdoor activities. Spring is a great time to visit Serbia because the weather is mild, and nature is blooming. Serbia has many beautiful natural attractions. For example – the Drina River, Djerdap National Park, and Tara Mountain. You can explore the natural beauty of Serbia by hiking, biking, camping, off-roading, rock climbing, paragliding, or horseback riding. Serbia is also a terrific destination for birdwatching, especially in Deliblatska Pescara, known as the European Sahara. 


You can also visit the many historical and cultural sites in Serbia, such as monasteries, fortresses, and museums and later enjoy its rich gastronomic tradition. Dive into the local cuisine and taste delicious traditional dishes.

Spring is a perfect time when many festivals and events in Serbia, such as the Belgrade Dance Festival, the Belgrade Beer Fest, and the Exit Festival.


Why is Uvac Serbia a great idea?

Uvac Serbia is a stunning natural attraction located in the southwestern part of Serbia, one of the favourite spots for all visitors in this naturally beautiful country. The Uvac River flows through a narrow canyon, creating a unique and breathtaking natural environment.

The Uvac Special Nature Reserve is home to many rare and endangered bird species, such as the Griffon vulture and the Golden eagle. You can observe them, admired for their freedom and majesty.

You can explore the Uvac Canyon by taking a boat ride or hiking along the trails that offer stunning views of the river and the surrounding nature. The Uvac Canyon is also famous for rock climbing such as pocket adventure, camping like Zlatar camping stay, off-road adventure in Uvac Zatar, and cave exploration. All those thrilling outdoor activities for professionals and beginners – people who love adrenaline. But also people who love to taste a bit of adrenaline because they did not taste it before. The Uvac Lake, which formed a hydroelectric power plant, is also a popular spot for fishing and swimming. The Uvac Canyon is a perfect destination for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and all adventure-seeking travellers! 

This place bursts from adventure-seeking activities, and due to its captivating landscapes and the weather, it is the top for active spring break vacations.

4. Visit Montenegro

ATV Ride Biogradska Gora montenegro

Montenegro found its place between the mountains and the stunning Adriatic Sea, full of lush vegetation, hiking trails and gorgeous panoramic views that will make you want more! Many consider it one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans. From hiking trails and captivating mountains [perfect for rock climbing or horseback riding to thrilling canyoning and off-roading adventures, Montenegro has plenty to offer for your spring break!

Why book guided atv tours in Biogradska Gora Montenegro?

Biogradska Gora is a terrific forest and a national park with large mountain slopes, untouched nature and glacial lakes. I highly recommend booking an atv guided tour that will allow you to explore unexplored areas, the most beautiful hidden parts of this Montenegrin fairy-tale. Spring break is the ideal time to visit Montenegro because it is one of those cheap places for spring break with plenty of activities to enjoy, not only the atv guided tours. There are plenty of adventure-seeking activities here, and trips for spring break are ideal vacations for families in 2023. ATV tours in Montenegro are perfect one-day trips for team buildings or families. The adventure will allow you to explore the hidden corners of a stunning Biogradska Gora, followed by experienced guides.

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Best spring break getaway vacations in 2023 are waiting for you – wake up that outdoor adventurer in you, gather other adventure-seeking travellers and embark on fun vacations in the Balkans!

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