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Top 5 Places for Paragliding Montenegro

Top 5 Places for Paragliding Montenegro

Paragliding Montenegro tandem flight is a thrilling way to experience the beauty of Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea. Try paragliding Montenegro in the top 5 places!

Tandem paragliding allows everyone to feel like a bird – for at least a short while. Tandem Paragliding is perfect for inexperienced enthusiasts to fly with qualified pilots. During the flight, the pilot controls the paraglider while you sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea and the surreal mountain landscapes of Montenegro.

There are several locations where you can try paragliding flights in Montenegro, with the most popular being the paragliding Budva, Herceg Novi, Durmitor National Park and Kotor. Thus the stunning country is located in the southeast of Europe and is a popular destination for adventurers seeking outdoor adventures such as paragliding.

Why try tandem paragliding in Montenegro?

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Montenegro is a marvellous country, tiny but with plenty of natural gems. Believe it or not – more than 40% of Montenegro is a forest. This stunning country in the Balkans is home to one of the three remaining rainforests in Biogradska Gora National Park. The country’s natural beauty is worth the high views from the bird’s perspective. Read the top 10 reasons to try tandem paragliding, and do not miss out on this terrific outdoor adventure and a dope experience! Paragliding is one of the best things to do in Montenegro with family. Face your fears and create memorable moments!

Paragliding Montenegro Price

The prices for tandem paragliding in Montenegro vary depending on the location, but also of the length of the flight. Yet, expect anything from 85, 90 to 100 and 150 euros. Also, the paragliding of Montenegro Price depends on where the flight takes place. In Kotor – the UNESCO old town and its terrific Kotor Bay, expect slightly higher prices that start from €130 and go up to €170. For instance, if a paragliding flight in Kotor costs 150 euros, and includes a GoPro video, transport and a drink, consider that a terrific price!

The best time for paragliding in Montenegro

I suggest enjoying tandem paragliding flights in Montenegro in the following months: October, November, February, March, and April. During the mentioned months, the wind is not that strong, but strong enough for a thrilling outdoor experience such as paragliding! Spring and autumn are indeed the best for paragliding here in Montenegro, and if you are lucky to see the blue skies, that will add to the overall experience! Spring getaway may be the best time to enjoy this adrenaline activity!

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Top 5 Places for Paragliding Montenegro

1. Paragliding Budva

Montenegro Budva Bečići – two coastal towns that offer stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding mountains, making them excellent locations for paragliding. Paragliding in Budva is an awe-inspiring experience because you can fly along the coastline and feel the warm sea breeze on your skin. With a GoPro, you can take impressive panoramas of the Montenegrin coast while the sun sets.

Budva is a popular destination for thrilling seekers. The starting point is above Bečići at 760, offering breathtaking views of the Budva Riviera with sandy beaches and the Adriatic Sea. Prepare to be seated in a comfortable harness and enjoy the 360-degree views of the Budva Riviera, St. Stefan, and St. Nikola Island, with plenty of dope architecture, plus the Church of Santa Maria. If lucky, you may see some dolphins playing below in the Adriatic Sea! The flight will take around 20 minutes, and you will land behind Bečići Beach. Thus, the launch point for paragliding in Bečići is at the top of the mountain, and the landing point is on the beach, which makes for a thrilling and unforgettable journey of Budva Riviera Montenegro tandem paragliding experience.

Altogether, there will be one hour from the moment you meet your guides till the end of your freedom and excitement of tandem paragliding Montenegro flight! So if you are planning a trip to Montenegro and love to fly like a bird, paragliding over these stunning coastal towns is a must-try activity.

Best paragliding price in Budva you will find here: Budva Paragliding

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2. Paragliding Kotor

A tandem paragliding flight in Kotor is an exceptional experience you should not miss if you are an adventure enthusiast. The flight takes place over the magical Bay of Kotor – from the Lovćen mountain, where you can witness the stunning vistas of the historical city placed on the UNESCO world heritage list, the surrounding mountains, and the blue Adriatic sea. The flight duration is generally 20-30 minutes, and you can experience the thrill of flying as a bird. You will be impressed by the Boka Bay, Adriatic Sea, Lovćen, and Orjen mountains. Flight duration is up to 20 minutes, and we will land at the football stadium Kotor. This experience will take about 2 hours from the moment we meet you. The winding roads are nestled amidst lush green forests while enjoying the paragliding experience. Do not worry – because the tandem paragliding Kotor is safe and secure. Also, all the necessary precautions to ensure an unforgettable experience will be implemented. Thus, are you ready to take off to the paragliding Kotor?

3. Paragliding Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is a gorgeous coastal town at the Western entrance of Kotor Bay and Mount Orjen at 1,894 meters. Mountain Orjen is the highest mountain on the Adriatic Sea. It dominates the whole entrance – to Kotor Fjord. The Tandem paragliding experience in Herceg Novi compares to the paragliding Kotor experience as these Montenegrin stunning coastal cities offer terrific views over the Kotor Bay. I assure you that the blue and translucent colour of the Adriatic Sea will blow your mind from above, and you will want to come back for more! Paragliding Montenegro’s price in Herceg Novi may be more affordable side, than the one in Kotor, but equally beautiful! Here, the best time to try a tandem paragliding experience is in spring or autumn. Do not miss out on one of the best outdoor activities!

4. Paragliding Bar

The City of Bar is one of the highest observation points you will experience on the Montenegrin coast. Prepare for spectacular views, picturesque mountain ranges, many rivers, valleys, endless sea, coastal cities and a marvellous Skadar Lake. You will see the whole Barska Riviera to the resort Utjeha in an olive grove, as well as the resort Dobra Voda with a stunning beach. 

The entire Barska Riviera is a resort area along the Adriatic Sea coast. Luxe beaches, resorts and massive mountain ranges will leave you speechless! The lunch set is usually at the top of Vrsuta Mountain – 1182 meters above sea level. From here, you will have a panoramic view, covering 360 degrees. From the top, you will enjoy the peaks of the Lovcen massif and other hills and the beauty of the city of Podgorica. Try to enjoy this experience during sunset time. The beauty of the Skadar Lake will also pop out, and you will surely notice it because it is one of the largest lakes in Europe. Then, you will see Mount Rumia which is separating the lake basin from the Adriatic Sea. The old city of Old Bar will impress you with its ancient architecture, also cities Sutomore, Canj and many more.

5. Paragliding Durmitor National Park

Paragliding in Durmitor National Park is a one-of-a-kind experience you will never forget! Durmitor National Park consists of many peaks covered with lush and green forests. There are more than 50 peaks that are over 2000 metres high – giants of outstanding Montenegrin Mother Nature. This national park is formed from glaciers and has rich flora and fauna. You will feel like a golden eagle flying over the Montenegrin landscape. You will have the most terrific feeling flying above Vazje and Riblje Lake, and along the river in the Tara Canyon – the deepest canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world. I would advise flying here in early spring when nature starts waking up, and everything is blooming, colourful and rich. And if you like the Durmitor National Park from above, you can also enjoy the off-road trails of Durmitor, Tara rafting or hiking experiences all over the park. 

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Conclusion on paragliding Montenegro outdoor activities

Paragliding Montenegro, in a nutshell, is perhaps the best place in the world to try paragliding tandem flights! Montenegro – a small mountainous country in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula will make you fall in love both in the country and in this thrilling outdoor experience! Full of adrenaline, rewarded by insanely beautiful views with a coastline at the Adriatic Sea, paragliding Montenegro is the best outdoor adventure for you and your family this year!

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