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Adventure Travel: How is it safe to travel to Bosnia?

Adventure Travel: How is it safe to travel to Bosnia?

Adventure travel lovers, if you seek thrilling outdoor activities then you will be amazed by Bosnia. To find out if it is safe to travel to Bosnia and create the best Europe adventure travel memories!

How is it safe to travel to Bosnia while experiencing adventure travel?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is generally safe for travelers. This terrific country has a low crime rate. Despite the turbulent history, people who travel to Bosnia usually experience no problems with safety or security. Be cautious of pickpockets and use common sense, just like in any other destination. You might see tinier crimes like pickpocketing and fraud present, just like in any other destination.

Indeed, Bosnian political history is turbulent, and some areas are more sensitive than others. Beware, landmines are probably a danger to all outdoor adventurers who embark alone on outdoor activities without any guide to places such as remote rural locations. Bosnian usually speak English, so it is easy to get around, but you will not experience communication in English in rural areas. Thus, it is advisable to have a professional tour guide.

Traveling and getting around in Bosnia and Herzegovina is safe. But if you are driving personally, you should be cautious on rural roads, as many are not so modern, mostly winding and narrow.

You also should be careful with food and drink as Bosnian food is spiced, stronger, and has a lot of dairy and meat, which may be different from your country. It is good to know that Bosnia and Herzegovina is in a seismically active region, and occasional earthquakes are often happening. Yet, they are mild and pose no threat to locals or tourists.

Is Bosnia open for travel?

The COVID-19 pandemic also affected Bosnia and Herzegovina like almost any other country. Thus, you should always check the latest government guidance and Bosnia travel restrictions before booking travel to Bosnia. It all depends on which country you are traveling from, but the limits are generally loose.

Can I travel to Bosnia right now?

Yes, it is not a problem to travel to Bosnia right now!

So how safe is Bosnia?

In a nutshell, Bosnia is a pretty safe country, and if you are open-hearted and kind, there is no reason why people who live there will not be kind to you.

Adventure travel - outdoor activities in Bosnia

Luckily, Bosnia is full of fun outdoor activities. You can find some of the best adventures in Europe in this outstanding Balkan country!

For instance, canyoning in Bosnia is very popular because this country has so many rivers and waters like no other in Europe! Bosnia ski season is also popular. It is not famous only for people in Bosnia and neighboring countries but for people worldwide. Trust me, Jahorina and Bjelasnica ski resorts are amongst the most popular ski locations. Hiking Bosnia and Tara rafting Bosnia are two more entertaining adventures to embark on! Lose yourself and explore all outdoor activities individually and many more!

1. Bosnia ski and snowboarding:

One of the most famous places to enjoy this fun snow adventure is Jahorina

Jahorina Ski Resort is true of the most popular winter parks in the country. It is just around 30 km from Sarajevo. So, visit Jahorina Mountain and take skiing and snowboarding lessons. Challenge yourself and master this thrilling outdoor adventure while admiring the Bosnian landscape like a champion! Know that you are in safe hands – why? Because Jahorina offers some of the best ski instructors with the best prices for snowboarding and ski lessons! Believe it or not, there are 47 km of slopes for you to enjoy and 17 lifts for your perfect snow adventure! Jahorina is the proper place for skiing and snowboarding near Sarajevo – the capital city of Bosnia! It can be perfect for family bonding or a romantic weekend getaway for your better half! Bosnia ski season is usually from December to April!

2. Bosnia hiking:

Bosnia hiking paths have flora, fauna, waterfalls, and terrific views. You cannot go wrong with Bosnian nature! For instance, visiting Sutjeska National Park may amaze you from the first step! Sutjeska is the oldest National Park in Bosnia & Herzegovina. If you hit these hiking paths, you will witness the pure beauty of the Maglic mountain and discover the hearth-shaped Trnovacko Lake and other crystal lakes in Tjentiste. Hiking adventures in Bosnia are perfect for team-building colleagues or families, solo adventurers, and seekers for fun outdoor adventures that combine dynamic actions and terrific views. You can also experience horseback riding in Bosnia in Sutjeska National Park and surprise your better half with a one-of-a-kind experience with these majestic creatures or a jeep safari in Sutjeska and Durmitor!

3. Canyoning in Bosnia

Canyoning in Bosnia is a perfect fit for you if you seek thrilling outdoor adventures. The Hrcavka river canyon is one of the most exciting adventures in Europe. Canyoning lovers call it a jewel of outdoor adventures and adventure travel in Bosnia! Fast mountain streams and picturesque mountain landscapes are to die for! This mountain river made here an attractive river canyon that you can enjoy mostly during warmer times. Deep in the magmatic rocks, clear greenish waterfalls create a unique nature and travel to Bosnia experience the most memorable! I advise this adventure for thrill-seekers’ activities. I say this because some waterfalls can only be overcome with rope. Besides that, you also have numerous jumps into pools filled with water and many slides! Decide to go on a canyoning in Bosnia outdoor adventure and be rewarded with loads of adrenaline and delicious local food in an ethnic restaurant.

4. Tara rafting Bosnia

Adventure travel in Bosnia is not complete without a thrilling Tara river rafting

Tara is a diamond, heaven if you are an extreme sports lover. Tara is the second-deepest canyon in the entire world. It is also the deepest canyon in Europe. This massive canyon is up to 1333 meters deep and 149km long. Tara River Canyon is also UNESCO known as ‘A Tear of Europe‘ If you like adrenaline, surreal Mother Nature, streams, greenery, falls, and rapids, then Tara white river rafting is perfect! Tara rafting Bosnia will allow you to experience fun, adrenaline, and excitement, especially if you go with your loved ones for family bonding or team building. Visit the deepest canyon in Europe and experience the Bosnia travel magic!

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Final words on adventure travel to Bosnia with SVOOD

Well, well – what to say about Bosnia besides plenty of compliments? If you are not convinced that you MUST travel to Bosnia and experience adventure travel activities, then read the article above again. In case you are still wondering if it is safe to travel to Bosnia – YES, Bosnia is a 100% safe country, and it would be a pity if you do not book your outdoor adventures right now! It does not matter if you fancy Bosnia hiking, canyoning in Bosnia, jeep safari in Sutjeska national park, skiing in Bosnia, or something fourth. This lovely country awaits you to experience the best time of your life! Book your outdoor adventures with SVOOD, save money, and be led by Europe’s best outdoor adventure guides!

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