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Best Winter Parks Balkans; Kopaonik, Jahorina, Bjelasica

Find out which winter parks and winter activities in the Balkans suit you! Explore fun winter activities in Kopaonik, Jahorina & Bjelasica to enjoy the winter!

Winter is just around the corner! While enjoying the autumn perks, you should start looking for fun winter activities and snow fun for families, couples, or friends. Now is the perfect time to seek winter, outdoor adventures in winter parks, and book winter activities for the most affordable prices. Do it now, just before the start of the season!

Which winter parks in Balkans you should consider?

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1. Kopaonik Serbia

Kopaonik is a protected National Park. People also call it “Silver Mountain” Kopaonik Serbia is the most famous skiing resort in the Balkan region. Besides winter activities, you can admire many rare species of flora and fauna. We speak of the largest mountain range in Serbia, around 230 kilometers from Belgrade. Believe it or not, one section of the mountain is a protected zone of the so-called National Park Kopaonik, which represents one of the most significant centers of biodiversity of endemic flora in Serbia since 1981. But at the same time, this is one of the largest skiing centers in the country! How cool is that!? If you love extra adrenaline, you can admire the highest peak Pančić’s peak, 2,017 meters above sea level. Here you can also find the archaeological site Nebeske stolice just beneath the Pančićev peak.

Fun activities for the winter in Kopaonik Serbia

Tourist center that developed here brought modern hotels and services and made Mt. Kopaonik one of the largest and most visited mountain tourist centers in the whole country. Here you can enjoy winter activities such as snowboarding, skiing, or split boarding! And do not worry if you have not tried any winter activity because there are plenty of snowboarding lessons, ski lessons, and split-boarding lessons for you!

Warmer times in Kopaonik include outdoor activities such as hiking, horse riding, cycling tours, etc. You can also explore two cold mineral water springs on Kopaonik – Krčmar and Marine vode to the most famous spas such as Lukovska spa,  Jošanička spa, and Kuršumlijska spa.

When to enjoy snow activities for adults and families in Kopaonik Serbia?

Snow time lasts from November to May. Here you can enjoy the first-class skiing trails for alpine and Nordic skiing if you are a beginner or an experienced skier. Also, most skiing trails have an artificial snow-making system. And if you like night skiing, there is a unique trail for this winter activity! Besides that, the ski center has a great and unique system of cable cars and ski lifts. You can always rent ski equipment and enjoy one of the most popular winter parks here in Serbia!

How to get to Kopaonik?

You can get to this terrific mounting from many directions such as from larger cities by bus, or with a car from the Belgrade-Kraljevo-Jošnička spa-Kopaonik road, which is 259km long.

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2. Jahorina Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jahorina is a mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina with its highest peak Ogorjelica – 1,916 meters. It is the second-highest of Sarajevo’s mountains, after Bjelašnica mountain, which has 2,067 m. Jahorina is famous for its ski resort. This mountain hosted women’s alpine skiing events in 1984 during the Winter Olympics. The ski resort is on the slopes of the magical Jahorina mountain. It is the largest and the most popular ski resort in Bosnia. For the past few years, Jahorina built modern six-seat ski lifts which improved ski slopes. This stunning mountain is part of the Dinaric Alps. While in summer it is covered with green grass, in winter you can enjoy up to 3 meters of snow! Gentle slopes in Jahorina (Paradise Valley) make this place among the most beautiful and famous ski centers! With over 40 km of trails for alpine skiing, connected with three six-seat, two two-seat, and four ski lifts, your winter activities will get another dimension of joy. Just like Kopaonik, Jahorina has a system for artificial snow.

Fun activities for the winter in Jahorina Bosnia and Herzegovina

Embark on winter adventures and try out: alpine skiing, snowboarding in Jahorina, hiking, or sledding here at Jahorina ski resort!

When to enjoy snow activities for adults and families in Jahorina?

The winter season in Jahorina – one of the most beautiful winter parks in Bosnia, usually starts from the end of October, beginning of November to April and May, depending on the year.

How to get to Jahorina?

The winter tourist center is 25 km from Sarajevo, 210 km from Banja Luka, 270 km from Podgorica, 290 km from Novi Sad, 320 km from Belgrade, 320 km from Split, and 350 km from Zagreb. It can be reached by car but also with some organized buses from the mentioned largest cities in the region.

3. Bjelasica Montenegro

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Bjelasica is a mountain range in Montenegro characterized by extraordinary and gentle round peaks, but also grasslands. It is full of deep and large forests and several glacial lakes. That is why people call it the greenest mountain in Montenegro. Biogradsko Lake is perhaps the most famous one, in the heart of Biogradska Gora National Park. The highest peak you can enjoy here is called Crna glava but there are another 10 peaks above 2000 meters!  Bjelasica is also a popular hiking destination because almost every peak or lake can be reached from different directions! Now, how cool is that?

Fun activities for the winter in winter park Bjelasica Montenegro

The mountain is great for mountain bikers and paragliders. Aqua parks are perfect for activities for kids, but the main fun is during the winter and winter activities – skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and split boarding.

When to enjoy snow activities for adults and families in Bjelasica?

The winter season usually starts in November to May, depending on the year.

How to get to Bjelasica?

Bjelasica is best approachable by car. There are a few smaller towns that surround it, but the best road goes from Kolasin town.

4. Biogradska Gora NP Montenegro

Biogradska Gora is a large forest and a famous national park in Montenegro. It is one of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. This area is one of the last three huge virgin rainforests in Europe, with landscapes of mountain ridges, glacial lakes, and temperate forests. In other words, a fairytale experience. Large mountain slopes and tops over 2,000 meters high make it perfect for outdoor adventures. Biogradsko lake is one of the top things to see in the area. This national park is also rich in culture and historical heritage if you love history.

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Fun activities for the winter in winter park Biogradska Gora Montenegro

The mountain is perfect for wild mushroom hunting, hiking, ATV tours, off-road tours, horse riding, and winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and split boarding!

How to get to Biogradska gora?

Park is nearby the railway bar. But also Beograd and highway Podgorica – Beograd. There are train stops at stations Kolasin and Mojkovac. However, the train does not stop at the entrance of the National Park. Yet, there is a regular bus transport or taxi service. But the best way to reach it is by private transfer.

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Final words

Are you seeking a winter activity and outdoor adventure that will bring an adrenaline rush? Join us for the ATV tour on Biogradska Gora, snowboarding lessons, or ski lessons in Kopaonik Serbia, and taste the true magic of this winter! There are many winter parks in the Balkan area, and with Go2trail you can experience the most from them! Fun activities for the winter are available now for the best prices!

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