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Mediterranean Trip Ideas: Island Hopping Croatia

Do you think of traveling the Mediterranean coast? Start with island-hopping Croatia. Explore the best Mediterranean trip ideas for the following spring holiday.

Islands in the Adriatic sea


Croatia is famous for its stunning islands located in the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the best Mediterranean trip ideas to hop onto! Believe it or not, Croatia has over 1200 islands and islets. Many are still uninhabited, which makes it ideal for exploring them in peace and exploring the best islands in Croatia. The Croatian archipelago is the biggest one in the Adriatic Sea – a warm and translucent blue paradise waiting for you to discover! The islands have been populated since Greek times. That is perfect proof of how life on the islands is more than great! The crucial industries on the islands are agriculture, fishing, and tourism. So that is why I will share the top Mediterranean trip ideas for you to enjoy this or next spring/summer. Croatia adventure holidays are the best! If you plan to visit this majestic country this year, do not miss island-hopping Croatia because this is the best way to enjoy the unique vibe and natural beauty!

If you are wondering, the Adriatic Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea in its northernmost arm!

Here are the top 5 best Mediterranean sea islands in Croatia:

1. Brac island

Brac Island is the largest island in the Adriatic sea and the highest in Croatia. You probably heard about it due to its known white limestone quarries from which many buildings across the country have been made! Since Croatia does not have many sandy beaches, you will love Brac Island because it has many! Besides that, the island of Brac has the highest peak in the Adriatic Sea, and it is, for a good reason, one of the best islands in Croatia. Watersports and hiking are the most popular outdoor activities on this terrific island. With over 39 miles long area, the island of Brac has plenty of hiking trails for all ages. If you embark on a hiking adventure on Brac Island, you will probably meet some of its lovely locals – around 14,000 of them. Island people are known as funny and generous, so do not say no if they invite you for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or their traditional meal! Brac Island may be the perfect start for a family island-hopping Croatia holiday!

Zlatni Rat Beach near Bol is one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world, not only in Croatia! Its soft, golden sand will kiss your feet while you stroll over it. Zlatni rat will blow your mind, and your kids will love it too!

Some of the most charming towns in Brac islands are Supetar, Postira, Bol, Milna, and Splitska.

Also, Croatia’s finest wines and cow cheese have been produced here. If you are lucky, along its terrific hiking trails, you will spot wild animals such as foxes, badgers, and deer.

The top attractions you should not miss on Brac Island: 

– Zlatni Rat Brac beach

– Vidova Gora

– Blaca Monastery and Cave

– The Dragon’s Cave

– Church of St. Nicholas.

The top 5 outdoor activities on Brac Island:

– Swimming

– Snorkeling

– Diving

– Fishing

– Windsurfing while hiking

– Cycling

– Kayaking

Embark on the Via Brattia hiking trip on Island Brac in 5 days! If the spring holiday comes with more days for traveling, see the Island Hopping Croatia: Brac Island, 10 Days from Zagreb.

2. Krk island


is the largest island in the Adriatic Sea and Croatia. It has varieties of landscapes and attractions, ideal for true enjoyment. You will enjoy lush forests, a rugged coastline, and beautiful beaches if you like captivating natural beauty, vibrant culture, and rich history. Then, you shall visit the island of Krk. Besides enjoying nature scenes, you can try many outdoor activities here to complete your Croatia adventures. Hiking is the top thing to do here because Krk Island has plenty of historical sites to explore: experience churches, ruins, and ancient fortresses.

Punat Beach and Baska Beach are some of the most beautiful and well-known beaches you can hike to! The island of Krk is an excellent destination if you love the outdoors and want to explore an island vibe within the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea. The best way to explore Krk Island this spring is from Zagreb with the Island Hopping Croatia 7 Days: Krk Island from Zagreb trip. Below you can find out why the island of Krk is one of the best Mediterranean trip ideas for you!

The top attractions on Krk Island are:

– Historic town of Krk

– The majestic Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

– The Bishop’s Palace

The top 7 outdoor activities on Krk Island include:

– Swimming

– Sailing

– Fishing

– Hiking and Tracking

– Biking

– Kayaking

– Rock climbing

3. Cres Island

Croatia’s fascinating and peaceful island is the second-largest island in the Adriatic Sea. You can visit Cres in Croatia Kvarner Gulf Islands part, close to the Istra peninsula. This unique island is known for its rugged coastline, as well as its spectacular mountain ranges. They offer many opportunities for outdoor activities, especially hiking, camping, and rock climbing.

If you wish to experience the Mediterranean atmosphere, you should visit Cres! It will reward you with its stunning views, crystal-clear waters, and charming towns. The island is also known for its dense forests, where you can discover many interesting Mediterranean flora and fauna. You definitely must try the famous Cres Lamb here! 

The top attractions on Cres Island include:

– The medieval town of Cres

– Osor Town Walls

– The beautiful beaches of Lubenice

– The Cres-Losinj Archipelago

– The Ucka Nature Park

– Valun Beach

– Martinscica Beach

– the Vransko Lake Nature Park

– Lubenice beach

The top 7 outdoor activities on Cres Island are:

  1. Kayaking
  2. Fishing
  3. Hiking
  4. Swimming
  5. Windsurfing
  6. Sailing
  7. Cycling

4. Losinj island

Losinj island is an island located in the Kvarner Gulf, stunning Croatia. It is the largest island in the Adriatic Sea, known for its mild climate, lush vegetation, and abundant sea life. The island has been a popular tourist destination since the 19th century and is renowned for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters.

You must visit Losinj island for its stunning natural beauty and Mediterranean climate. The island has a variety of activities to enjoy, including water sports, hiking, biking, and sailing. In addition, the island has many historical sites and cultural attractions to explore. It is also known for its pine forests and is a popular destination for sailing. 

The top attractions on Losinj Island are:

– The Providence Tematski viewpoint

– Veli Losinj Old town

– Cikat forest park

– Losinj Aromatic Garden

– the Losinj Marine Education Centre

Veli Losinj is the island’s largest town and a popular destination. The Losinj Marine Education Centre is a great place to learn about the marine life of the Adriatic Sea. If you are a hiking lover, there is terrific news for you! The Losinj Island archipelago has over 250 kilometers of hiking trails. Televrina Peak hiking trail is one of the best ones. It is on the 589-meter-high Osoršćica mountain. The views are breathtaking. I suggest that you start your trek from Osor or Nerezine. The Island of Losinj will surely steal your heart with its terrific Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea! It is undoubtedly one of the best Mediterranean trip ideas for your next spring/summer vacation!

The top 7 outdoor activities on Losinj Island are:

– Swimming

– Rock climbing

– Scuba diving

– Kayaking

– Windsurfing

– Sailing

– Sky diving

Family island-hopping Croatia / Croatia island-hopping itinerary five days:

Day 1: Start your island hopping journey in Split, then take a ferry or arranged speedboat to the island of Brac. Spend the day exploring the island, including taking a dip or snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Hike to Vidova Gora and take a break at one of many Kolibas – traditional Dalmatian restaurants. Taste yummy local food and tasty dishes.

Day 2: From Brac island, take a ferry to Cres, the second largest island in the Adriatic Sea. Spend the day exploring the pristine beaches and stunning scenery. Try your strength at rock climbing! Enjoy kayaking, hiking, or swimming.

Day 3: From Cres Island, take a ferry to the island of Krk – the group’s largest island. Spend the day exploring the stunning beaches and small towns, with plenty of hidden gems and caves.

Day 4: From the Krk island, take a ferry to the island of Losinj, the most southerly island of the group. Spend the day enjoying the stunning beaches and hiking via hidden gems and charming small towns. Remember, Losinj Island, Croatia, has over 250 kilometers of hiking trails!

Day 5: Take another hike, then relax at the beach. Go back to Split via ferry. If you contact the team, your island-hopping Croatia trip can be arranged precisely to your needs and wishes!

Day 6: After almost a whole week of island hopping, take a ferry back to Split and complete your 5-day island hopping Croatia adventure!


When you shall embark on an island hopping Croatia?

Believe it or not, any time of the year to explore Croatian islands is superb due to the moderate climate and warm Mediterranean sea. Many people head to experience islands in autumn and winter because the prices are not so high. It is also low season with no crowds. Also, it is more relaxing and peaceful. Yet, if you want to enjoy yourself to the maximum and have a perfect chance to swim in the Adriatic Sea while enjoying the perks of the Mediterranean Sea, you shall arrive during the summertime. If you wish to get some sun and enjoy the island vibes and the freshest food, you should explore it during the summer. Beware that summer tends to be very hot – I mean very hot! Also, the prices are higher, and the crowds are hard to avoid. Yet, early June, May, the start of September, and the beginning of October may be perfect for your Croatia holiday.

Just remember, no matter the time of the year, leave no trace – take only memories (and some souvenirs too!)

Final Words

There are plenty of Mediterranean trip ideas for you to enjoy. Still, islands Brac, Cres, Losinj, and Krk should be on the highest spot on your bucket list! Whether you plan to visit it with your family during family island hopping in Croatia, with friends, kids, partners, colleagues from work, or solo, the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea will have plenty to offer! Prepare, pack your outdoor gear, and embark on an island-hopping Croatia! The Svood team is looking forward to helping you with all! Adventure in Croatia is calling, and you shall answer!

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