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Fun things to do in Slovenia: Bucket list Adventures

Fun things to do in Slovenia: Bucket list Adventures

What are the fun things to do in Slovenia? In this article, you’ll find the only bucket list adventures you need for your perfect Slovenian vacation at any time!

Why you shall explore Slovenia in the first place?

It is true – Slovenia is a tiny European country. This small European gem will blow your mind with its natural beauty, charming little cities, diamond lakes, stunning rivers, and caves. Of course, delicious food is served by genuine and friendly people. Beware that when you first time arrives in Slovenia, it will steal your heart and make you come back for more! 

People describe Slovenia as small but mighty because it is full of lakes, forests, mountains, old towns, seashore, friendly people, and delicious food. It has only around 2 million people and 20,271 square kilometers, Slovenia’s rich offer makes it a perfect travel Slovenia option for both young and old. From the stunning lake of Bled boat cruises, a hike to mount Triglav, Bohinj exploration, or hiking in the Julian Alps, prepare for the best bucket list adventures and fun things to do in Slovenia!


Top fun things to do in Slovenia:

1. Lake of Bled hiking

The magical, mixed glacial, and tectonic lake of Bled is located in the Julian Alps, surrounded by mountains and forests from postcard-like scenery. Right in the middle, you can see a tiny island that is a famous photo on all postcards and social media content.

Hiking around the lake of Bled is probably the best outdoor activity you can do here because it is only 6 km long and stress-free! On top of that, you will see the romantic Bled Castle and The Church of the Assumption from all angles. You can also take a break at the Bled Castle and enjoy a terrace dinner, or head off to the Osojnica viewpoint and admire the beauty of the lake from a higher place. Embark on an excursion from Zagreb to Lake Bled and Kranjska Gora with Svood and enjoy your hiking experience!

Explore Slovenia outdoor activities on lake Bled:

  • Lake Bled Slovenia swimming – from June until September, you can swim in Grajsko Kopališče and the warm lake of Bled. Be brave and try lake Bled toboggan 
  • Cycling – cycling around the lake is a bit faster way to admire its beauty than hiking does
  • Bled boat rides – There are many opportunities around the lake to enjoy it from the waterside. Are you feeling like a captain? In that case, you can hire a boat and paddle to The Church of the Assumption on Lake Bled Island, right in the middle of the lake!
  • Enjoy the picnic on the lake of Bled, with your drinks and snacks, experience the sunset or sunrise, and make memories for a lifetime! Remember – leave no trace, only footprints – take nothing but memories!
  • Try skiing or board during the winter on Stroza

2. Hiking in the Julian Alps

Mountain Biking: Slovenia has some of the best mountain biking trails in Europe. It has over 5,000 kilometers of trails, and you can find a route that fits your skill level and interests. Make your choice between challenging downhill runs to relaxed cross-country routes. Without a doubt, there is something for everyone. Go ahead and explore the Julian Alps, which offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

Hiking: Slovenia has some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. Many of them are suitable for all levels of hikers, from easy family walks to harder mountain treks. Explore the Julian Alps, the Karst region, and the stunning Kamnik-Savinja Alps. There are also numerous trails in the captivatingTriglav National Park – the only national park in Slovenia.

Skiing and Snowboarding: Slovenia is a great place to try skiing and snowboarding. The country has two main ski resorts, Kranjska Gora and Vogel, which offer a variety of runs for all levels of skiers and snowboarders and a network of cross-country ski trails.

There are so many outdoor adventures that Slovenia has to offer as it is a perfect destination for any outdoor enthusiast due to its stunning scenery, rich culture, and exciting views! Book hiking tours and experience it all!

Explore other Slovenia outdoor activities in the Julian Alps:

Rock climbing

3. Triglav lake hike

Triglav Lake Hike is indeed one of the most popular hike paths in Slovenia, located in the stunning Julian Alps. I advise starting the hike in the Bohinj Valley. Then, go through a majestic mountain landscape full of breathtaking views of Lake Bohinj and the other nearby mountains. The hike will take approximately 5-6 hours to the end. I recommend you do it during the summer months because the weather is warmer at that time of the year, but avoid noon and times when the sun is the strongest. Along this hiking path, you will encounter numerous waterfalls and scenic lakes. You will enjoy the views of the Julian Alps to Mount Triglav – the highest peak in Slovenia. You will also get the chance to exercise in the fresh mountain air. Beware that the Triglav lake hike may not be the easiest, but it is one of the best, fun things to do in Slovenia. If you are located in Zagreb, you can embark on a Triglav Lakes Valley two-day hike trip with Svood!

4. Rafting on the Sava river

If you combine the lake of Bled and rafting on the Sava river, you can use that chance and stay in Bled because from there, you have a pickup and drop-off option for your rafting fun! I highly recommend this outdoor adventure because it is an exciting way to explore Slovenia, one of Europe’s most stunning landscapes. Sava is a fast-flowing river that offers plenty of adrenaline, and it passes through magical scenery, towering limestone cliffs, meadows, lush forests, and gigantic dramatic gorges. Do not worry if you do not have any experience because Sava is suitable for both beginner and experienced rafters. Usually, rafting trips start or take place on the Sava Bohinjka – a tributary of the Sava River and the best place to start your rafting adventure. If you book a white river rafting experience, you will encounter exciting rapids and calmer stretches within stunning scenery. Rafting is  great team building adventure!

Experienced guides will make sure you are safe, and you will get the most out of this experience! Embark on a rafting journey and book your rafting experience in Slovenia! And if you fancy such outdoor adventures, try Tara rafting too!


5. Skiing and Snowboarding on Kranjska Gora, Maribor, and Vogel

Slovenia has magical mountains perfect for skiing and snowboarding lovers, both beginners and professionals. The Kranjska Gora is the best and most famous ski resort in Slovenia with various ski and snowboarding terrain suitable for everyone and for all levels, over 30 km of trails, from easy to difficult. 

How does that sound to you? In all honesty, to me, it sounds like a winter paradise because it is full of lifts and gondolas for easier access to the slopes.

Maribor is another famous ski resort in Slovenia, in the northeast of the country, near the Austrian border. Maribor ski area spans just over 8 km of slopes for beginners, professional skiers, and snowboarders. Also, it offers a fun terrain park full of rails, jumps, and more for you to wait to experience it! This resort is voted as one of the best for families, but also for experienced skiers who seek another ski location with epic views around.

There is also Vogel – a smaller ski resort in the northwest of Slovenia that offers different ski and snowboarding terrains that range from easy to less easy. If you like less crowded resorts, Vogel may be a better option than Kranjska Gora and Maribor, but maybe you are a shy skier and snowboarder who fancy peaceful surroundings, then Vogel is the way to go! Svood can arrange all for you for the best price!

6. Mountain biking in Slovenia Bohinj, Bovec, and Maribor

Slovenia is a terrific destination for mountain biking because it has plenty of trails and breathtaking scenery that will blow your mind while riding along the paths. The most popular mountain biking areas are Bovec, Bohinj, and Maribor.

Bohinj is a beautiful lake surrounded by the Julian Alps – perhaps the best place to do mountain biking because of trails of different levels for both beginners and professional bikers.

Then you have Bovec in the western part of the country. Bovec is ideal for more experienced riders because the trails are challenging – true adrenaline delight!

You also have Maribor in the eastern part of the country, perfect for you if you are looking for a more relaxed approach. Maribor has plenty of trails that became biking paths.


7. Adventurous caving in Postojna and Skocjan Cave

If you are a fan of caving, you will love Postojna and Skocjan. 

These two caves are one of the most impressive and renowned ones. The Skocjan cave offers underground labyrinths and spectacular rock formations, and Postojna is more adventurous because it has a wide range of caving activities, including caving expeditions, cave diving, and even cave paintball. 

Skocjan Cave is also spectacular, which confirms the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will adore its immense size, and many geological features are the main reason why people visit this cave. The most entertaining and adrenaline activities are cave kayaking, rappelling, and cave photography, so book a cave tour, and you will have a better insight into the history and geology of the cave.

8. Kayaking on the Soca river

Soca River is a crystal clear river in the western part of Slovenia, located in the Julian Alps. The Soca river is one of the best outdoor, fun things to do in Slovenia if you love kayaking and rafting.

Many rapids and thrilling paddling opportunities on the Soca River will make you want more because the Soca river is well-known for its emerald-green color and offers plenty of adrenaline for you. Also, kayaking is out of a world experience and a perfect way to explore Slovenia! 

9. Horseback riding in Bohinj, Bovec, and Maribor

Horseback riding is one of the best fun things to do in Slovenia for both young and old! It is probably one of the most popular bucket list adventures because anyone can do it. The best place to try horseback riding adventures is in the Slovenian countryside. Guided tours and lessons are the most common ways to enjoy such activities, especially in Bohinj, Bovec, or Maribor – the choice is yours! In Bovec, in the Triglav National Park, you can embark on different trails and picturesque routes to explore the Slovenia countryside. 


10. Paragliding in Kranjska Gora, Ljubljana nad Bovec

Slovenia tourism is highly appreciated by all the paragliders. That is why paragliding in Kranjska Gora, Ljubljana, and Bovec is one of the most popular and fun things to do in Slovenia due to the breathtaking views of the Julian Alps is worth taking the risk of heights to fear high above the ground. In case you wonder, you can become brave and try tandem paragliding, where a professional guide helps you with all the tips and tricks and makes sure you are safe while enjoying stunning views. 

Kranjska Gora is the most suitable for tandem paragliding because it has an excellent thermal condition. It is easier to reach great heights and to fly for long distances. On the other hand, if you are a beginner pilot or want to try paragliding at least once, Kranjska Gora is a terrific place to have the most beautiful experience.

On the other hand, if you adore cityscape, then choose Ljubljana for your tandem paragliding experience. 

Hiking in the Julian Alps is, as you read, the top activity in this area. But if you do paragliding in Bovec, you will see an award with captivating views of the Julian Alps and its picturesque landscapes. Read the top 10 reasons why to try paragliding!

11. Yoga retreat in Bohinj Lake

Everyone loves yoga, right? But a yoga retreat in Bohinj Lake in Slovenia is something else! During this yoga retreat, you will learn the best yoga and breathing techniques, relax and reach that inner peace and rest you need. You will be guided by a professional yogi teacher and the natural environment of a magical Bohinj lake will allow you to feel as in heaven! This outdoor adventure is perfect if you work a lot and you seek a little vacation or a weekend getaway plus to explore Slovenia!

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Final words

In a nutshell, Slovenia tourism has plenty of outdoor activities to offer, from cities to the countryside, adrenaline adventures those more relaxing. No matter what you choose, the lake of Bled activities, the Triglav lake hike, a yoga retreat in Bohinj lake, or something else, fun things to do in Slovenia are across the country! There is no time to wait! Get ready, pack your outdoor gear, and contact us because Svood will help you to explore Slovenia! Let me ask you – are you ready for adrenaline? 

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