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TOP 5 FUN WINTER ACTIVITIES to do with friends, family, or couples

Ready to book a fun adventure for the winter? Check out the best fun winter activities to enjoy with friends, family, or your better half at the very best price!

Winter holidays Europe

Winter is just around the corner, as you might have already felt. It is time for cozy nights, blankets, and hot tea. It is also time for togetherness but also snowy landscapes, fresh mornings, and fun winter activities! Warm up in the company of your closest ones and let the adrenaline warm you up. If you are wondering what to do this winter, ask no more and continue reading because here I am delivering the top five winter activities for all ages!

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Top 5 fun winter activities:

1. Off-roading

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This adventurous, outdoor activity is perfect if you love off-the-beaten trails, untouched nature, and unique landscapes. All that from the warmth and coziness of a jeep while observing nature outdoors. No worries, because there will be trips outside of the jeeps, but mostly to take beautiful photos, to have dinner, or on special requests! If you fancy real adventures, book an off-road trip and explore the most remote places in nature! Off-roading is a safe adventure that brings lots of thrill and excitement! You relax in a jeep while the professional guide drives you to off-the-beaten-path areas where a few people have passed. Off-roading experience can only make you richer in memories and stronger! Indeed, the ride might not be that smooth or calm, especially if it is a snowy, freezing, or rainy season due to a lot of mud, but I promise you will not regret such an experience. It is also one of those popular cute date ideas for winter, where couples enjoy squeezing each other while observing the beauties of Mother Nature. It cannot be better than that! If you are wondering: what are the ATV rides or off roads near me, we are here to help you! Explore the ATV rides and enjoy an ATV Montenegro adventure!

2. Hiking

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Hiking is not only for warmer days or mountains that have +1000 meters. Hiking is a great activity that anyone can do. No matter what is the season of the year! You can hike even the small mountains and hills. But also parks, valleys, Zoos, etc.

Indeed, it is first crucial to decide how active you are, your friends, family, or your team. Then, you can choose where you want to hike. Luckily, you have plenty of choices, especially in the Balkans area. The winter here is not too cold, not too mild. In other words, the Balkans is perfect for fun winter activities, and hiking is indeed one of them. Hiking is one of the best team-building activities for students, colleagues, and companies! Hiking is the perfect mind and body workout and you shall implement it!


Have a look at some of our best hiking suggestions as team buildings fun:

Hiking to the European-highest arch

Mysterious Rtanj mountain hiking adventure

Hiking to Stara Planina waterfalls

Old Lady hiking adventure

Sutjeska and Durmitor

Vlach magic hiking adventure

3. Horseback riding

Horse back riding - Fun things to do in Nis Serbia

Horseback riding is one of the most fun winter activities because it allows you to remain warm while exploring actively the outstanding winter landscape around you. It is perfect for both young and old. However, you surely need to be in a decent health stage to enjoy this winter activity. And there is terrific news for the youngest ones – there are ponies! However, you should be more or less physically healthy for this activity. In other words, you must be without any serious back injuries or similar health problems because horseback riding requires balance and fine health. Yet, no need to worry because if you book horseback riding tours with professional guides. They will teach you how to enjoy this activity fully!
Also, horseback riding is a perfect romantic adventure for two! This adventure will surely connect you more with your partner on all levels!
Besides horseback riding, there are many horse ranches to enjoy and pet zoos. They are perfect for the youngest ones. Thus, explore the petting zoo near me and the horse ranch near me to surprise your family this winter holidays in Europe!

4. Paragliding tandem flight

Paragliding is most likely one of the safest flying sports and the most fun winter activities out there. Why? Well, who does not like to feel like a bird who is flying and observing the spectacular land and nature from above? As soon as you embark on a paragliding tandem flight experience, you will fall in love from a shy kindergarten boy to a girl. Your first paragliding experience will be super exciting and thrilling! Anyone who tried a tandem paragliding flight was more than positively surprised. Most people wanted another flight which they did – sooner or later.

Paragliding price is usually more or less affordable for what you get. Believe it or not, you can book your paragliding experience for – wait for it – 30 euros only! It can be a perfect way to gift your better half or best friends! Because, let’s be frank, shall we? Material presents are so mainstream! They are dull, already seen. We all appreciate more experiences over things, right? So, explore paragliding near me and taste the true adrenaline! All you have to do is book your paragliding experience and sit comfortably in your chair while the professional guide does everything else. Just like a cinema, from the sky! Find the best paragliding nearby!

If you fancy knowing more, read the top ten reasons to try paragliding tandem flight!

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5. Snowboarding

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Snowboarding is probably one of the best winter activities for couples. You can surprise your better half and have the most fun winter ever! Snowboarding is one of those cute date ideas for winter where you can have loads of fun, laughs, and memorable moments that will last! Unfortunately, many people think skiing is only for wealthy people, but that is not true!

Snowboarding can be affordable, especially if you take more classes – you can get a better price. Most mountains in the Balkans, such as Kopanik Serbia, and its ski resort is full of many restaurants, accommodations places, and other facilities besides taking snowboarding lessons, skiing, or split boarding classes. You can book snow adventures as outdoor winter activities for families, friends, or your better half – the choice is yours. Just hurry up before the snow melts! If you are still not sure which winter activity to try, read what’s better snowboarding vs skiing or explore best winter parks Balkans and choose yours to have some proper, outdoor fun!

Final words

All in all, it does not matter which of these five fun activities for the winter you choose to experience. Trust me, there are many fun activities for the winter besides the ones above, but all of them have the lowest prices now, before the beginning of the winter season! So prepare your winter gear and enjoy the outdoors now. The winter is calling, and you surely shall answer!

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