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Visiting Bosnia? Explore the terrific Sutjeska National Park

Visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina and ready for fun outdoor adventures? Dive into the fairy-tale world of terrific nature and explore Sutjeska National Park. 

Sutjeska National Park is the oldest and biggest in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Sutjeska National Park is situated where Bosnia and Herzegovina meets with Montenegro. National Park Sutjeska is a cultural, natural, and historical miracle, full of natural and many historical monuments. They create a specific park that has a significant touristic impact on all visitors.  Indeed, it is one of Bosnia’s hidden gems!

Sutjeska is the biggest of all national parks in Bosnia. It stretches at 16,052 ha. The park has a unique hunting ground called Zelengora 49,106 ha. On top of that, there are three protection zones full of forest complexes, vegetation, plant habitats, and fauna but also cultural-historical (made) objects. This area was declared a National Park in 1962. Since then, it has been protected and preserved for its beauty for all future generations.

History of Sutjeska National Park park

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The official protection of this majestic park and its natural features dates back to the end of the 19th century. Some evidence reaches even back to 1893. Besides its natural protection, there are many laws made on hunting restrictions. In the ’50s, more work was done on the legal protection of the strictly protected area of Perućica.

Flora and fauna of national park Sutjeska

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Believe it or not, you can see 170 species of trees and shrubs here, plus over 1000 species of herbaceous plants! Yet some parts of the forest are almost inaccessible, so always stick to hiking trails and signs or follow your hiking guide. One of the best things about the flora is 50 meters tall trees and the most significant wood volume reaching more than 1000 cubic meters per hectare! The tallest tree in this forest – so far measured spruce tree – is 63 meters tall. Besides these giant trees, there are many miraculous butterflies, reptiles, amphibians, fish, many species of birds, and even 36 species and 18 families of mammals. Here are rare and endangered species such as lynx, wild cat, and blind mole rat. You can also find mammals here like roe deer, bears, roe deer, wolves, wild boars, badgers, and foxes.

You will be impressed by the number of wild and medicinal plants, mushrooms, aquatic plants, and woody plants. Amazing canyons and their rivers are the habitat of refugia, from which one of them is a Serbian spruce – Picea omorika-Pančić. I am talking about a relict of the Tertiary period on Mount Zelengora. Why is this so significant? Scientists consider it to be a living fossil! Cool, right? It can be even cooler if you choose Svood to take you on this outdoor journey!

An exceptional geomorphological diversity is what makes Sutjeska so beautiful!

When you visit Sutjeska national park, you will be amazed by its different climates, flora, and fauna with every new elevation gain. It is also crucial to explain the Sutjeska name (older Sućeska), which refers to a strait cut and then eroded by water in its long geological history. The area of Sutjeska has enormous geological complexity with striking landforms and expressed diversity. Erosion and accumulation helped to create characteristic relief forms during the geological past, especially on the mountains. 


Outstanding alleys with river valleys, canyons, plains, mountain passes, gorges, high mountains, karst areas, springs, and glacial lakes show evidence of the value of this area which is a part of the central Dinarides.

All of the above makes a true delicacy for all hiking lovers and one of the top things to see on the Bosnia and Herzegovina bucket list! If you want to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina, start from Sutjeska National Park!

Hiking trails will help you to experience the seep valleys of Suški Potok – Suški stream separates the mountain ridges of Maglić and Volujak. NP Sutjeska is in the area of Maglić, Volujak, Bioč, Vučevo, and Zelengora. Limestones and dolomites make these mountains and this area even more impressive. Vratar canyon is another location that will make you appreciate Mother Nature even more. Sutjeska makes Bosnia national park waterfalls one of the best ones in the country! Thus, do not miss the chance to discover the fantastic Skakavac waterfall n the eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Skakavac means grasshopper. It drops over 75 meters in the Sutjetska river, below the highest mountain of terrific Bosnia Herzegovina – the Maglić (2.386 m).


You can admire Skakavac waterfall just 100 kilometers south of Sarajevo near Tjentište/Perućica with the road M20. But if you want to go to the bottom of the waterfall, you must descend steeply! 

Tjeniste monument


Tjentište War Memorial in Sutjeska National Park is a sculpture and memorial complex built in the 1970s. This monument commemorates the fallen Partisan soldiers of the Sutjeska battle in 1943. It is probably the best-known memorial monument of World War Two, constructed during the Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. So, if you plan to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina, you must visit this monument too!

Sutjeska battle - history of the Tjentište War Memorial

The Tjentište and Spomen-Dom commemorate the Yugoslav Partisan soldiers who died during the Battle of Sutjeska. The Sutjeska battle was between 15 May and 16 June 1943. During that period, the Axis Fifth Enemy Offensive aimed to destroy the Partisan force in southern Bosnia. The Partisans made a success across the Sutjeska river into eastern Bosnia. This sculpture consists of two concrete sails that are 19 meter-tall. The inside walls of the monument are engraved with the names of 7,356 Yugoslav Partisan soldiers. Those soldiers died during the Sutjeska battle. However, it was damaged in the 1990s during the war, but luckily, they preserved it better. You can reach it within just two hours from Sarajevo or by bus from Foča.

Outdoor activities in Sutjeska National Park

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There are so many fun outdoor activities to enjoy in this terrific park. Take a look at the best ones below:

  1. Hiking

Hiking adventures in Sutjeska National Park will allow you to dig deeper into the beauties of this magical area. You can choose from more demanding to less demanding hiking trails. If you are not a beginner hiker, try climbing mountain Maglić – the highest peak in beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2386 m and one of the most significant landmarks in the National park Sutjeska. Furthermore, tours to lakes Gornje and Donje Bare. They are probably the most popular due to the many mountain lakes, peaks, and lookouts. Primeval forest Perucica, mount Volujak, waterfall Skakavac, Trnovačko – Volujsko Lake – a heart-shaped morphological phenomenon, the peak of Zelengora – Bregoc and many other lakes in Zelengora area – all these attractions and a lot more to explore while hiking! Thanks to Svood, you can choose from the best hiking trails in Sutjeska!


  1. Camping & Horseback riding

Horseback riding & camping in Sutjeska NP and Zelengora valley will surely blow your mind! Join the cozy camp, a fun horseback riding adventure, and explore Bosnia and Herzegovina like a champion! Local delicacies await you at the end of this outdoor adventure because no one can leave Bosnia without trying its delicious specialties!



– Accommodation at a comfortable cabin in cozy camp bungalows

– Two days of horse riding through the beautiful National Park Sutjeska

– Local, delicious food: one breakfast, two lunches, and one dinner


  1. Canyoning

During the warmer days of the year, the most adventurous outdoor activity you can enjoy here is canyoning in the Hrcavka canyon. You can reach it within an hour and 30 minutes drive from Sarajevo. It is near Foča, right on the border with Montenegro. This canyoning adventure includes:


Jeep Safari from Foča to Sutjeska National Park

Canyoning through Hrčavka canyon with experienced guides

– Canyoning equipment and mountaineering equipment for the waterfall rappelling.

– Snacks and delicious, local food lunch in an ethnic restaurant

Are you ready for extra adrenaline? Svood can take you there with professional outdoor guides!


  1. Off-road trail

This unique, three-day off-road adventure will take you off the beaten paths on off-road trails through Sutjeska National Park and Durmitor National Park. Prepare for overnight in cozy camp cabins and try the best local food in Bosnia. I dare you to book this adventure and explore the sandy pyramids. But also mesmerizing glacial lakes, dive into a magical forest with a jeep safari, and gather at the campfire with lovely music and drinks. You will enjoy delicious and traditional Bosnian coffee with many local delicacies. An adventure perfect for families, friends, or work colleagues, especially with Svood!


– Accommodation in a rafting camp on the banks of the Tara River inside the comfortable bungalows

– Guided outdoor activities

– Off-road tours through two stunning national parks

– All meals with traditional Bosnian food

– Musical evening and gathering by the fire



  1. Rafting

Tara white river rafting is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the Balkan area! The rafting adventure is 21 kilometers long. Indeed, it is entertainment for both young and old! Expect an exciting Tara rafting course through dynamic rapids. Of course, with enough breaks for your photography memories and swimming. This adventure is best during bit warmer months from Spring to Autumn. An active holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina to remember! Gather your friends, family, or colleagues from work and explore Bosnia and Herzegovina with its unique, natural beauties. But did you know that the Tara canyon is Europe’s most prominent and deepest canyon? And guess what! You can admire its majesty! Thus, embark on this fun journey and experience five days full of outdoor activities such as jeep safari, hiking, white water rafting on the Tara river, and tasting traditional, tasty Bosnian food. Svood can help you to book it all without any hassle!



– Five nights in a rafting camp on the banks of the Tara River in comfortable cabins.

– Five days of fun outdoor activities in nature guided by experienced local guides

– Jeep Safari, mountaineering, Tara Rafting, and swimming in the wild nature

– Traditional Bosnian food – all meals included

– Music evenings

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Sutjeska National Park is, without a doubt – a MUST place of all national parks in Bosnia. But I bet you are convinced to put Sutjeska on your Bosnia and Herzegovina bucket list due to its outstanding natural beauty and cultural importance. No matter which outdoor activity you enjoy here, I promise you will leave with some of the best memories and natural beauties of your lifetime! So, are you ready for Bosnia!? Svood your way to terrific Bosnia!

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