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Fun Outdoor activities: Horseback Riding Improves Well-Being

Fun Outdoor activities: Horseback Riding Improves Well-Being

Horseback riding is not only a fun outdoor activity but a great way to improve our well-being. Furthermore, we can go on a weekend and horseback ride with our significant other, kids, family, or friends. Horseback riding improves well-being and that is scientifically proven!

Once upon a time, wild animals such as horses were essential. Instead of walking, we used horses as the only method of transportation. Nowadays, we have cars, scooters, trains, airplanes… Today, in most countries, we don’t use horses as the primary method of transport, but we still love to ride horses. In other words, we love to imagine and experience how living in the past felt.

In this article, we will explain to you everything about horseback riding. How to get started, and why this activity is phenomenal for kids and couples.

Why Horseback riding is a great outdoor adventure?

Horseback riding is an excellent outdoor recreational activity for many reasons. First, it is healthy, entertaining, and beneficial to the rider. Besides, it is a sport that requires a particular activity from the rider.

On top of that, it is an exercise that improves many aspects of the rider’s life, muscles, and cardiovascular health. Luckily, it is not an intense activity. You do not need hours, days, and years to learn how to do it.

So why do I love horse riding? Learning how to ride horses is more or less uncomplicated. Thus, horseback riding is enjoyable and accessible to adults and even children.

I also remember that I horseback rode a pony when I was just seven years old. I think kids can do it even at an earlier age than mine. All I remember from that time is a blurry image of myself riding a pony near the beach with the wind in my hair. My grandmother was still alive then; honestly, that was the best gift I ever received from her. Besides her love, of course. That experience and that tiny horse (pony) helped me to learn a lot.

Because you never stop learning with horses! As a result, you are doing mental exercises as well! Horse vocabulary, coordination tricks, balance, grooming of the horse, etc. Studies have shown how these mental exercises of continuous learning prevent memory loss and the risk of dementia!

Likewise, this activity will make you connect with nature on a whole new level!

By riding on the waves of horse movements, you will have enough time to admire the landscape around you, discover the history of the places and teleport yourself into the past. Indeed, horseback riding reminds everyone of those simpler times without modern technology and transport. It gives us a glimpse of those past times when everything was different.

The sense of enjoyment is visible through the joy of riding and feeling connected with the outdoors. It lowers our stress levels. Riders with fewer stress levels gradually develop a feel-good factor towards themselves. They become more confident and happier individuals in general. In turn, horseback riding makes them more cheerful with loads of optimism in their daily lives.

Are you ready to travel back while training and having fun?

Horseback riding for kids

Animals are the perfect antidote for today’s modern and digital world. Also, most children are naturally attracted to animals, especially horses. There is something about horses, in their appearance and their eyes, that makes everyone calm. Horseback riding for kids is a terrific alternative to video games, TV-watching, or social media scrolling. And when the whole family is involved in the activity, it creates a special bond. Horseback riding adventures do bond people together.


Learning about horses can improve many life skills. Also, it is a perfect confidence booster for a child. It helps a child develop flexibility, balance, and coordination. The benefits of horse involvement are numerous. Imagine, your child’s riding habit can turn into a rewarding hobby that lasts for a lifetime. Or a career! In this way, kids can develop many other skills that will help them in the future.

Additionally, kids are learning to remain physically active with almost all of their muscles compared to the muscles they use while in front of screens. Did you know that a 2011 study by the British Horse Society reported how general 30 minutes of a horseback ride three times a week is considered a moderate-intensity exercise!?

On top of that, the research from Washington State University showed how children who spend time with horses have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol!

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Romantic date idea

Are you looking for a romantic date idea, but you also hope to experience something new and exciting? Then you are in a great place! Don’t worry if you never were near the horse. No experience is necessary because all the spots offer guides to keep you safe and educated for proper horseback riding. It is a unique experience that will reconnect you more than ever before! Here are some tips on horseback riding dates for couples in Slovenia:

  1. Horseback riding date in the countryside outside Bled in the Julian Alps
  2. Winter horse riding in Bled & Triglav National Park
  3. Mediterranean horseback riding with a view in the village of Šembija

Besides, there are numerous other romantic date ideas! As a couple, you can dive into the beautiful romantic side of Slovenia. Choose between gorgeous Lake Bled or picturesque Ljubljana old town. Stroll around the Julian Alps, and explore one of the mystical caves. Or book an unforgettable wine tour and overnight in a charming villa with a view.

Horseback riding

Escape from the hectic urban areas and your desk-bound job. Jump into nature and recharge yourself. Disconnect to connect. Connecting with a large and clever animal such as a horse is a blessing.

There are many reasons you should consider aiming for horseback riding adventures. The activity involves having a good posture on the back of the horse. As a result, better posture overall for you – the rider. As seen above, horseback riding is like a gym for our minds and body! It activates all our muscles especially pelvic muscles and postural muscles. This activity is not just horseback riding but a gym, entertainment, and personal development course – all in one!


How to get started

The first step is always a decision. After proper research and then planning. Horseback riding is undoubtedly a must-try activity for all! As seen above, Slovenia might be the perfect destination for you to try out! You can even combine a hiking adventure with horseback riding in Triglav National park or the Julian alps Area. No matter which place you choose, make sure it includes a horseback riding adventure because you will instantly fall in love with it!

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