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Top Tips For Camping In Summer & Hot Weather – Ultimate list

Top Tips For Camping In Summer & Hot Weather - Ultimate list

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced camper, you should know about the sustainable camping spots and tips for camping in summer! Now let’s dive into it!

Here are the top tips for camping in summer - your ultimate list:

1. Quality tent for a camping trip

The essential part of your camping trip is a quality tent that can last no matter the weather conditions: rain, wind, heat, or cold. The tent is like your house outdoors. It has to keep you safe and allow you to get at least a few hours of proper sleep to continue with camping – or hiking – an adventure on a new day. Choose your tent by the place you are going to camp in as it is not the same as having a summer tent or a winter tent. Try NP Sutjeska and Durmitor camping!


2. Less electricity, more solar panels electricity for a summer camping

Electricity is crucial for many things today. Unless you want to be away from electricity and civilization. The light sources such as solar panels can power your lighting, charging, and showering! They are a terrific use of renewable energy with the help of the sun, and they help you to have an eco-friendly camping trip. As long as you want, but remember to park your van or put your solar-powered things in a sunny place to have the highest amount of charged solar panels. Also, portable power stations can be a solution, but the best ones are solar-powered ones. Experience lakeside camping with a tent!

3. Water - one of the most important camping essentials

Water is beyond crucial. Nothing can happen without the water. Please bring enough water even if you calculated on a freshwater source – you never know. It is always good to have around 2 litres of water per person, per day. That can be your measure as it is also important not to carry too much on your camping trip. Camping in summer means more thirst, so pay attention to water consumption and refill it often.

4. Multipurpose tool for a camping adventure

Multipurpose tools are no longer something strange, different, or new. My advice is to think carefully about which tools you need as the tool itself can be heavy to carry. Remember – the more you carry the heavier the walk and the whole experience. Thus, you indeed want to minimize the weight. So, calculate to have some handy tools. But also, do not forget to have some extra tools. If you are camping as a part of a family bonding experience with your loved ones, you can teach the youngest ones how to handle them!

5. Sun protection for a camping trip

Having high SPF sun protection while camping in summer is essential. Beware of dangerous sun rays from 11 am to 5 pm and the terrible results of getting sunburns often, for instance, getting skin cancer. Sunglasses and hats or caps have to be essential camping items in summer. Never leave your house without it on a sunny day. Health and safety first – always!

6. Cooking essentials for a summer camping

Try to be a more sustainable camper and ditch plastic plates, cups and cutlery-Plastic has critical consequences for nature, and we shall not support it by buying it. Also, they are more expensive. Metal, bamboo, or any other material is a great replacement. You can also always wash it and only have to buy it once. Beware that bamboo is indeed less heavy than metal. A portable cooking stove is also a great idea if you want to make a coffee or cook something.
Besides cutlery, make sure to bring these eco-friendly items:

– Reusable water bottles
– Rechargeable batteries
– Tupperware, beeswax wraps

Combine canyoning and camping in Bosnia!

7. Bring prepared meals as camping essentials

First of all, it is good to know how many people will be camping with you. Then calculate how many portions for each. That is how much you have to cook. Meal preparation can save a bunch of time and give you more energy than canned food or sandwiches. Also, this way can help leave fewer leftovers in nature, less plastic, etc.


8. Sleeping bag and foldable chairs for a camping summer

The sleeping bag is not essential as many people sleep in a tent, but it can help you to feel more comfortable, warm, and cosy. So remember that even the summer camping nights tend to be colder in the mountains. Some foldable chairs are also not essential, but they can help your camping summer adventure be more fun, relaxed and enjoyable, especially in the morning next to a cup of coffee instead of sitting on the floor.

9. Light source

Light sources while camping in summer can be anything from a flashlight, or pocket lamp to fire. Thus, if you decide to make the fire, beware of safety issues and regulations of the place – the country you are camping in.

10. Hammock

The hammock is a terrific item to have as it can serve you as a sleeping spot, a place to relax during awake hours, or a fun activity. You have to find a proper spot between the sturdy trees to place your hammock. Beware that some hammocks are sturdier than the other ones. Thus, make sure to find a quality one. If you want to make a hammock for a sleeping spot, then get a hammock with a mosquito tent on – as we are talking about the summer and a rainproof one in case of heavy rains.

11. Mosquito solution for a camping summer

Mosquitos can be a big issue if you are camping in summer. Some people love to use mosquito repellants. Other people are okay with alternative ways – a homemade mosquito repellant from mint or lavender. On the other hand, other people are not bothered at all, only during their sleep, but that is why they made sure to have mosquito protection in tents, hammocks, etc. Whatever your choice may be, you must count on mosquitos because their bites can seriously bother your sleep and the entire summer camping experience.

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12. Portable heater for a camping adventure

You may think I am crazy because I mentioned a portable heater on the list for camping in summer, but summer nights and mornings tend to be chilly. Then indeed, you need a portable heater as the duvets and covers are heavy to carry, but if you do not care about a small, thin duvet on your back, this can be a solution too, or some extra pair of long-sleeved clothes. This item is surely at the top as one of the top tips for summer camping.

13. First aid kit for a camping adventure

A first aid kit is crucial as this little piece can save your life and make your camping summer experience easier and more enjoyable whether is a romantic trip or a team building adventure. Furthermore, always check the date of use and see if all the items you might need are present.

Final words on camping in summer

Camping in summer is probably the best time to enjoy camping in nature. Bring all the necessary items from this ultimate list to make your little camping adventure as easy, as entertaining, and as enjoyable as possible. So, are you ready to camp?

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